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  Fiberglass by Magic

Category Plastics
Date 2006-11-07 23:48:18
Rendertime 00:17:55
System P IV 2.8MHz
Vray version -
3dsmax version -
Comment VrayBlenMat: BaseMaterial + one coat materials.

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kokuw wrote: thanx

schreck wrote: Awesome, thanks a lot mate!!

miko90 wrote: how i can open the materials in C4D? sorry if i post it here : )

Lim_Lineage wrote: good

fa-mo wrote: thank you for materials

chandni wrote: nice

arkonder wrote: Nice work but fiberglass does not seem that smooth, even after polished.

Haidar Max wrote: Thanks alot for this nice material>>>

Magic wrote: 2 Banshee Why wxmlwulei´s voting does not surprise you? In difference from mine? =-O

Magic wrote: 2 wxmlwulei You too the friend Capp? :-)))))))))))

Banshee wrote: @LevaLeva: Allright, I can see your postings :-)

LevaLeva wrote: test

LevaLeva wrote: why i cantleave a comment?

Flatshader wrote: Is this true?! Finally an admin who knows how to use his brain? :-)
Good solution I believe.

Banshee wrote: @Mark_Noland: I tried to contact you via EMail... would you mind getting into contact with me? I would appreciate this very much....! Thanks in advance.

Banshee wrote: OH guys. I did not think this was going so far. Alright then. I mage a new suggestion now. I believe this one will be FAIR. @Magic: I have unlocked your votings for capps 2 materials. You can vote them AGAIN. If you still choose 5 points, then that´s your right, this is true. I appologize if you feel treated in an unfair way, it is not my intention as an admin to tell you what to do or not. So - you can vote again or you can leave it. It´s up to you. I´m sure you will decide what´s fair or not :)

Magic wrote: @mark noland +1

capp wrote: @mark noland please stay on this site ! its very sad, that you removed all your materials, some very nice materials are lost for us ! i had almost removed my materials too, but was stopped from an admin of this site ;-) it´s not worth of it !

Mark_Noland wrote: This kind of crap makes me want to leave this site........

capp wrote: Done !

Magic wrote: Thanks for the answer, Capp. It´s a fair variant. My choice - a banana.

capp wrote: @magic yes, sildo loron is my friend. not only friend. he is my BEST friend. but whats the matter ? Sildo votet for my materials because he is my friend, and because he likes my materials very much ! and he votet with highest ranking because he could learn alot from them. he votet for other people too. (take a closer look) i votet for cavier 8 pojnts, because this material is very easy to make.(max.5 minutes for me) and therefore not really interesting for me.(max 5 points) but it looks really nice with that refraction in it, therefore i rated 3 more points for the result = 8 points. sildo loron votet 7 points for cavier. not really good, but also not really bad ! you votet two times 5 points, and not because you didnt like the materials, but you want equity. whats about levaleva ? i didnt heard a word from him. but i´m tired of this discussion, so i make you a suggestion: i will rate for myself one material with 7 points, you can choose wich one...

Magic wrote: Excuse me, but present your decision is unfair to one of participants of competition.

Magic wrote: Reason? And how your way I have guessed that Sildo Loron friend Capp ?

Magic wrote: Then return also my estimations. I so have voted. This my right.

Banshee wrote: I can see clearly an anonymous voting-system approaching ;-)

Listen, we´re not going to eliminate all votings which are in some way lower then the average. But as you can read clearly in our rules, we do not allow downvotings for no reason .
Fair play - right. I believe it´s unfair to vote down someone elses materials just because you believe (!) this user needs to be punished...! If so, please contact us and we can then examine the situation. Otherwise votings like yours are removed from the contest-voting.
That´s the way it works unless you´ve got a better idea...?

Magic wrote: Fair play - for all !!!

Magic wrote: Excuse, but unless an estimation of 7 points which Sildo Loron has given LevaLeva should not be removed also?

Banshee wrote: @Magic: Don´t take it personal, please. Think this is the best solution so far. =) Keep going ;-)

awei wrote: tkank you

Magic wrote: Banshee, thanks.

Banshee wrote: @Magic, Capp, Sildo Loron: Whatever the problem between you guys is, I´m a bit fed up with it now. I will disable your 2 x 5 votings in the contest area now magic until the _problem_ has been cleared. We have promised 100% fairness for the contest as far as we can guarantee it, so this is unneccessary and not a fair behaviour. You believe capp & sildo Loron are the same user - fake accounts, to vote for the contest? No they are not, I have checked their accounts, those are 2 different people.

Magic wrote: Sildo Loron _unknown aims_? I am surprised that I hear it from you. nice geetings too ...

Sildo Loron wrote: Hi Magic, whats your problem? I cannot believe what I see. Its far away from a joke, if you say you are me. But it shows me, that unfairly players like you here and this site use for own unknown aims. Neverthless nice geetings... Sildo Loron

Banshee wrote: Well, you´re friends again. =)

capp wrote: strange votings from sildo ? are you kidding ??? when someone make strange votings, than you ! i´m a little sag about people like you. but yes, that was all. good luck anyway. by the way, nice mat...

Magic wrote: That´s all?

Magic wrote: That´s all?

Magic wrote: I have seen it.

Magic wrote: Your friend has very strange voted for fair competition.

Magic wrote: About Sildo Loron?

Magic wrote: Which?

Magic wrote: Which?

capp wrote: please answer my other question !

Magic wrote: If the material is not pleasant to me, I put 0...5,

Banshee wrote: @Magic, Capp: So are you two having a good time here? ;-) Magic, I´m quite interested in your votings in the contest-area. If you´ve got personal problems with Capp it is rather unfair to take his chance for the first price... don´t you think so? As we already announced, we can not tolerate unfair behaviour... :-_

capp wrote: @magic 1.interest 2.sildo loron is a friend of mine, we work together on the game _noah_, and he dont like it very much, making bad jokes about him. so my question ist justified ! 3.this have to be a nice site, and no kindergarten !

Magic wrote: capp Why you ask me about it?

capp wrote: @magic that was a joke ? please tell me more about your joke. why sildo loron ? why 5 points for my fishscales and banana ? did you find that materials so bad ? @flatshader We know that you can do better ! you dont have to prove that !

Magic wrote: Banshee It was the joke. Flatshader OK. When we shall see it?

Banshee wrote: Guys, behave, please =))) Magic: Sildo Loron? Are you really sure you want to admit you´re a (Double) Fake-Account? ;-) SURE? =)

Flatshader wrote: Yes I can do better. But I don´t vote for myself.

Magic wrote: Flatshader can you will make better?

Magic wrote: capp Sildo Loron ;)

MentalVray wrote: looks like scratched paint, not fiberglas.

Flatshader wrote: LOL, voting 10 points for himself? What a looser!

capp wrote: @magic who are you ?

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