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 SHIT happens!

  SHIT happens! by sfrey

Category Organic
Date 2006-11-07 20:05:21
Rendertime 00:08:42
System P4 3,2GHz
Vray version -
3dsmax version -
Comment After eating too much caviar, fish, banana, snakes and bambis ...

used the MAX burger "BurgerPatty.jpg" texture for color :) All others are procedural.

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romeiro wrote: There's a shitty material. Thanks for sharing.

correorandomcesur2 wrote: great job

radekabc wrote: looks like shit :)

fratermalou wrote: brilliant

TeQ wrote: epic

Brace wrote: This material is crap!

Howler wrote: Wife's always telling me i download nothing but shit. This will give her something to chew on for a while....lol. Many thanks ;D

genius_cd wrote: hehe... SHIT haha LOL

solobir wrote: 10 point for description :)

er_kashyap wrote: rated this material with 10 pts.

manoloxd wrote: hahahaha Amazing !

swapnilvfx wrote: i make this material every morning ;)

lpsarsam wrote: I made this my homepage and all I get is this SHIT!!!

johnrose81 wrote: Great job! I love the Description - "After eating too much caviar, fish, banana, snakes and bambis ... "

koii123 wrote: wetter will be better

xeon_hl2 wrote: this shit is great :) lol

findamir wrote: You forgot the corn bits and carrot bits. Good job! I hate Max... Viva Maya!!!!

mason_pin wrote: Very Goooood

Arc9 wrote: Shittiest material ever made! :D I'll give it a ten for how amazingly unique and true to real life it is but I won't download because i don't have anything to use it for! :D

cieli wrote: hi everyone,i´m new in 3d,new in v ray and new in this page...also in english writing. amazing everything!!!

toulouse2k wrote: Ha!!! Organic...true

jameson63926 wrote: shitty!


delgao wrote: nice shit!! :)

Shinken wrote: теперь стало реально, нас - рать под дверью соседа виртуально)

trut wrote: this is the shit, man :)

lovekihun wrote: hahahaha-!!! Ho1y shit-!! kkkkkkkkkk

Zaklinatel wrote: Бля, почитал комменты.. ну без русских - ну никуда))

AndrewCross wrote: Govno!) This is best mat)

bikcm wrote: lol

mihaius wrote: disgusting

uladar wrote: COOL ))))))))))

uladar wrote: COOL ))))))))))

barb wrote: poh :-)

artem86 wrote: looks like chocolate :D

Murderdoll wrote: Oh my god, that's the funky shit...!!!

CoraX wrote: this shit is awesome =]

Cryther wrote: nice shit XD

algebram wrote: very well done shit :)

calimenio wrote: nice!! im going to use that material in my next interior design project!!!

selant wrote: oh shit..

DRONAZ wrote: Nice shit !

semald wrote: a kto eto sdeeelal??? ))))

beo wrote: Vo pizdec to O_o

Andrew Cross wrote: lol =)

Andrew Cross wrote: lol =)

snowhill07 wrote: man I just finished eating my lunch. Now i wanna puke. Disgustingly shitty great job!. Shitty shit. lol.

virgo928 wrote: I textured all with this material!!!, AWESOME!!!

misifu wrote: wow what a shit!!! a fucking shit!!! amazing shit!!! to resume a big shit.

romashkin wrote: kakashka!

Zaw wrote: haha its great xD

n00b wrote: man that's shit no, sereous... THATS REAL SHIT! bravo!

afirami wrote: shit without smell thanks

enigmaenigma wrote: owh!! shit!!!

reinoks wrote: Well done ... =Q

ashlocke wrote: Awsome SHIT man, really. XD

xkx wrote: omg

diyow wrote: I recognize this from somewhere I make it every day

Pirog123 wrote: x_x yuK!!

kalatorul wrote: nice shit! .... he he he

Loco3D wrote: Its a very nice material :)))) many people cand do that......but in the bathroom=)))))

zoniq wrote: rofl, its cool:D

SvG wrote: lol _shit happens_

peetee wrote: This is great !!!!!

Sildo Loron wrote: Shit happens ;-)

capp wrote: @Levui: Yes, really a party pooper !!!

Puma101 wrote: Great!!!

3dsmax wrote: @ Levui: Party Pooper!

MentalVray wrote: yummy chocolate!!!

Dominik.Martinez wrote: looks like sun dried shit

Mark_Noland wrote: Open a window!

Mark_Noland wrote: Looks like shit!

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