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Skin (Pig)

  Skin (Pig) by jonnybefree

Category Organic
Date 2006-11-07 15:23:26
Rendertime 01:11:00
System AMD Dual 2GHz
Vray version -
3dsmax version -
Comment Its a full procedural skin shader. skin color can be adjustet over rgb-tint.
also all spots in size, color .....

VRay fur settings:
length: 1,1 cm
Thick: ,0025 cm
Gravity: -2,4
Bend 1,94

noise-like map in density slot.

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lokrian wrote: i cant download this material =C somebody send to my e mail please! =( satri_5@hotmail

dieterhuster wrote: THATS ME :D ...GOOD JOB!

garywilk wrote: brilliant mateials in this NG!

emihich wrote: Exactly what I needed . Terrific site !!!

airflow wrote: very interesting

Hynol wrote: Very nice pigy :)

capp wrote: HEY ! now its a pig shader, and I want to give 3 more points ! = 8 sorry, that i didnt saw that earlier. :-( maybe you can made a new one with little dirt on the pig ?

jonnybefree wrote: ja great, thanks banshee! :-)

Sildo Loron wrote: Cool, a pig after a long shower...where is the dirty skin ;-) ? *goodwork*

Banshee wrote: Oh well, for a pig skin it´s quite good actually ;-)

Banshee wrote: Renamed it into Skin (Pig). Hope that´s ok for you? ;-) If not, give me a kick.

Casey20 wrote: looks like the skin on your balls!! Like it!!

3dsmax wrote: Shoul be titled _Porn Close-up_

jonnybefree wrote: is there a way to re-name materials after posting? :-)

jonnybefree wrote: is there a way to re-name materials after posting? :-)

capp wrote: a pig skin ? if i knew that earlier, i had give you more points :-D

jonnybefree wrote: ja, its a pig-skin :-)

robert3 wrote: maybe pig skin ? it is a little splotchy

Banshee wrote: Have to agree with capp... it doesn´t look like human skin :-(

Banshee wrote: Download will be activated after the contest finished.

ksap wrote: Looks nice too bad i cant download

capp wrote: dont look real !

robert3 wrote: Could maybe use a suntan

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