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  Innards by Mirko

Category Organic
Date 2006-11-07 12:05:47
Rendertime 00:10:13
System AMD X2 @ 2,4 GHz
Vray version -
3dsmax version -
Comment This is a fully procedural Material.
You can change the density of all layers (veins, arteries, adipose tissue, etc.) .
Put the Bump Map into the displacement slot (displacement amount: 2cm).

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sahith2108 wrote: how to install these mats? iam pretty new to applying external materials.

sahith2108 wrote: how to install these mats? iam pretty new to applying external materials.

unicoman wrote: nice

royo wrote: wonderfull!!! great meterial!

Mysterio2018 wrote: Awesome. Thank you very much!

buddhi wrote: great meterial!

fratermalou wrote: best material ever

Aenzea wrote: Disgusting! ^^

smaxoo7 wrote: out class material

heinzhanzi wrote: awesome!

RockDaHouse wrote: unfortunately i can't use this due to the fact that it needs an outdated plugin... so sad, i was really looking forward to it.

ironavalanch wrote: :D

rambo anas wrote: superb..!!!!

garabteheb wrote: rated this material with 10 Points

ukutan wrote: Thanks!

cnnnnphil wrote: good job

apolaki wrote: love this material

bodd4h wrote: Muito bom!!!

v-ology wrote: great!

xsebx wrote: SICK :)

Tails wrote: u did a great job thx^^

teoconmethuy wrote: good

uwnmattharris wrote: could someone please explain how to put the bump map in the displacement slot? Where is the Bump Map?

Pirog123 wrote: very very impressive mat! awesome work, dude. have no models to test on, but damn, how sexy this material is)

mcampbell wrote: This is great - i'm hoping to model a clot (thrombosis) so hopefully this will look the part. Many thanks!

Shtirlitz wrote: Cool! I wish, sometime I be able to made material like this :)

Mirko wrote: Oh - yes. I forgott to mention: you need the following free plugins: - electric (by Blur) - water wash (by Blur) Both plugins can be downloaded at: http://www.maxplugins.de The download ist 4 free. But I am sure - donations are always welcome ;-)

DaddyD wrote: I sure could use the names of the Plug-ins you used... Thanks in advanced... -D-

Banshee wrote: wohl eher bei Marco. ;)

Mirko wrote: Yes - forgot to mention: 2 free plugins are needed for this material. You can download both plugins at www.maxplugins.de I will tell you later which plugins I have used. @Banshee: ich hab hier im _support forum_ ein paar Fragen (auch diesbezüglich) gestellt. Sind die denn nicht bei dir angekommen?

Banshee wrote: Dafür isses ziemlich cool geworden! Plugins?

Mirko wrote: Hehe. Stimmt. Sonst mach ich nur brave Materialien. Und sehr technische dazu. :-)

Banshee wrote: Mirko? Was geht? :-))) Sowas kennt man ja gar nicht von dir ;-)))

dingjie wrote: sss

dingjie wrote: up

capp wrote: pfui !

xingchen (BANNED) wrote: why

Marco wrote: _§%$!_&§$% ;-)

bybyby wrote: t

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