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  fishscales by capp

Category Organic
Date 2006-11-03 17:32:41
Rendertime 00:11:57
System dual xeon 2,8 GHz
Vray version -
3dsmax version -
Comment a fishscales shader (rollmops like)
it comes with a nice scale sparkle effect.
you can adjust colors and define top/bottom as you like

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hpf wrote: thanks

deesign wrote: Incredible!! Welldone!!

freakyyyy wrote: sick material

valterbrito15 wrote: 10 points

yutaoforpd wrote: that's So cool

ChrisA wrote: where do i put the diff map exactly??? :S

josuka wrote: wow...

uturn wrote: cool

peachkkt wrote: thx very nice Material

ankalau wrote: good

mihaius wrote: just have to test it on my computer... and... just have to buy a scuba-diving costume for my computer so we can test this together... HEHE... looks pretty nice.. just have to give it a shot

Helly wrote: thanks a lot. very useful =)

seanhepburn2006 wrote: Fantastic!

cristo_dc wrote: muy bueno

cristo_dc wrote: muy bueno

drere wrote: great

joeyfigliomeni wrote: Nice!

n00b wrote: great

Need_Help wrote: Very nice!

leisetreter wrote: hey thanks a lot man. i have been searching for fischscale-textures a few days now. should have looked here much earlier ;) again big thanks for sharing your material.

logesh_v wrote: GREAT MATERIAL

kikkonius wrote: Amazingly well-done

Chesire Cat wrote: nice

EliosART wrote: very good! tnks

maixaule wrote: Nice look like .. he jump out of water

Zephyr wrote: just say Great!

chandni wrote: ho icant belive it is a material am i dreaming ? excellent

chora wrote: good job

Klamath wrote: nice

sazismail wrote: another cool material capp, cant find a use for it but nice effort

blax87 wrote: nice

thetripp wrote: Very awesome shader!

thetripp wrote: Very awesome shader!

Alfpoyer wrote: Wowowow!, very nice!!

cojoMan wrote: i can't get this mat to work...help anyone ?

Pross wrote: long live the bismark herring - very nice!

koji k wrote: nice 9

cryptocid wrote: тунец :)

s6419 wrote: 000000000000

capp wrote: vom ? i mean *from*

capp wrote: yes, i promise. i have optimized the procedural version vom this shader and it will render in about 30 minutes now ! i will upload it after the contest ;-)

MentalVray wrote: @cap: can you give us a procedural scales-map then after the contest!??!

Astorias wrote: CRAZY!

infogramas wrote: i hope it be a good material

Banshee wrote: Magic?

Magic wrote: veri ... veri strange material %)

adryancyc wrote: The upper left part and bottom left have a strange appearance ...but hey a very realistic one. (10)

Banshee wrote: I´d love to see the procedural version of course... so if you don´t mind, let me have a look at it =) I can´t take part in the contest anyway ;-))

capp wrote: @banshee YOU dont need to wait until the end of the contest ! if you want, you can have it tomorrow, but it renders very long. but i can try to tweak it a little more for faster render and send it to you after that . as you wish ;-)

Banshee wrote: That´s been a procedural shader?! As soon as the contest is over, I want the procedural version =)))

robert3 wrote: I would love to see a procedural version of this !

Sildo Loron wrote: Thats a real fish...

capp wrote: @levaleva I tried to make it procedural, it worked fine, but the rendertime went to 2 Hours, because of the need of about 15 mix-maps and over 20 gradients. so i decided to use very small textures for the scale-tiling (100x,46x) for pretty faster render. but if you want to know how to make this procedural, i will send you a copy of this procedural version. (but AFTER the contest ;-) )

dogimo wrote: gr8 job

gogator100 wrote: @_@

LevaLeva wrote: did you use procedural textures?

capp wrote: displacement amount:0,13 edge lengh:3

Marco wrote: AWESOME

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