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 Banana (fruit and peel)

  Banana (fruit and peel) by capp

Category Organic
Date 2006-11-03 17:30:09
Rendertime 00:33:53
System dual xeon 2,8 GHz
Vray version -
3dsmax version -
Comment No textures where used !!!
this mat have two materials in one, the fruit and the peel.
its very complex, but fully tweakeable. you can increase or decrease the brown spots, or make a young or an old banana, as your wish.

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3dbook wrote: thank you

kogerakis wrote: :)

Sessp wrote: ty for this great material!

mfarooqhayat wrote: lovely

ngmmea wrote: thanks

ihmissusi wrote: wow!

uturn wrote: cool

EricStreeter wrote: Impressive

hjarb wrote: soy de obregon muy buen material

k34 wrote: The banana itself should be more shiny, so ill rate 9

haroonqiyam wrote: Thanks alot

nnq2603 wrote: You're master of procedural materials. Make everything inside 3dsmax more useful n requies least external texture in almost case.

k4ito wrote: hahahahah, nice :)

headbuster wrote: :D :D! Ten it is!

kungfuMonkey wrote: ...on second thought...10

kungfuMonkey wrote: 9 from me. 10 if it came with a monkey!. 11 if that monkey knew kungfu.

jorginho wrote: incredible

n00b wrote: holy bananas!

Cogu wrote: Great job!!! amazing!

xSpIDeRxWa wrote: Really impressive material!!!

Leanorias wrote: It's one of the best materials I've ever seen!

aldes wrote: That's really great specially when that's without texture! Welldone

Clayman wrote: Really great. Thanks.

mibelgue wrote: As almost everyone says... almost perfect (a 9,7 for me ;)

stephenjone5 wrote: Capp: Did you create vray? Come on... Don't be modest! ;-) I can learn allot from this mat! I'm gonna study it hard... Thanx! :-D

logesh_v wrote: its just amazing...superb one!!!!!!!!

rageouz wrote: Amazing! Thanx

chandni wrote: ho my it so real i feel to eat it wow jsut now words for it

xkx wrote: wonderful...

garywilk wrote: This is just one of the top materials on this site. Aaaah. So much talent

ghostcat wrote: mniam. it is delicious ;)

_Lightbulb_ wrote: Mmmmmh ! :o)

bacnhkt wrote: rate this for material 10 point

capp wrote: @maximum3d if i would explain or write a tutorial of each of my materials, i wouldnt have time to make new ones. but you can learn it if you take a closer look ;-)

maximum3d wrote: No instructions on how to use...nice test scene though.

guze wrote: wow! fantastic work, keep going =)

rmejia wrote: incredible

Magic wrote: Hi capp ! I´m fine. The problem was in ... ;-)

capp wrote: @magic hey magic ? its all okay with you ? :-D thank you very much :-)

tachi wrote: Nice!!

Yannek wrote: Best of the best

lztxwd wrote: no words.....great job

amal_auc wrote: Awsome and realistic and i would say 9 for this mat.

sunboy wrote: nice!

MentalVray wrote: If this is really procedural I´ll eat your shorts. Fucking fantastic if you ask me.

Moko2K wrote: cool shader ;)

awei wrote: 我很喜欢,可以送给我吗? 谢谢~

awei wrote: ......

Banshee wrote: Hmmmmmmmmmm I have to admit that I don´t understand what is going on here ;-) I let you guys do what you want, you´re certainly doing the right thing ;-))))) I need a coffee now! :D

capp wrote: i downvoted my own material. you can read here why... http:__www.vray-materials.de_all_materials.php?mat=575

san-fons wrote: Cap, you really deserve to win...you are a master, thank you for this beautiful material!!

Dominik.Martinez wrote: banana hammock...

ksap wrote: Best material so far

Mark_Noland wrote: Top banana, LOL!

rosecold wrote: cool shader ;)

ipo wrote: waoooo !! excellent ! 10 for me !!

adryancyc wrote: Nice one ...10 for me

Banshee wrote: Most excellent. I´ve never seen such a procedural perfection before...

daro in 3d wrote: Excelente material!!

Mark_Noland wrote: There are more than 9 of us that have submitted materials right? Incredibe banana BTW! Perfect 10!

capp wrote: ah, i though it was because no one can vote if he doesnt have an material uploaded. :-))

capp wrote: @noland what do you mean with that ?

Mark_Noland wrote: LOL, everyone is afraid to vote themselves out of the contest.

Sildo Loron wrote: Respect....thats fuity...

carlitosway wrote: soy de Chile encuentre exelente su pagina y gracias por estos brillos

carlitosway wrote: soy de Chile encuentre exelente su pagina y gracias por estos brillos

kongbai wrote: good!!!

zhangel wrote: great

WhiteCrow wrote: :)

robert3 wrote: Looks great

jigaro wrote: cool!! man

valdivia_robert wrote: I like your banana shader but your still A PIECE OF CAPP.

capp wrote: forgot: displacement amount : 0,8

Marco wrote: Wow, just awesome

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