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Stainless Steel Lamellas (procedural)

  Stainless Steel Lamellas (procedural) by Banshee

Category Metal
Date 2006-11-02 15:34:53
Rendertime 01:31:00
System dual Intel 3 GHz
Vray version -
3dsmax version -
Comment A procedural Shader for Lamellas, Screw-Threads, drills, Ship's propeller screw, turbines, wire ropes etc. etc.

Use the bump-map for the displacement. I used quite fine settings here (1 cm, shift 0,3 cm, Edge length 2 pixels, subdivisions 256) so the render times are quite high. You can easily render with an edge length of 4 or even 6 and 128 subdivisions if it´s not a fine closeup-view.

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urbanzoner wrote: can't be donwloaded, i get weird symbols on a browser page???

plotear2005 wrote: thanks

laumengkit wrote: It only provide me a mat file without the jpg image...plz help

bpetter2 wrote: Hey -- looks like no bump-map is included in this download for what appears to be an excellent material. Would you be able to reupload with the bitmap files included? Thanks!

timothydi wrote: Im Trying to download this material and it keeps sending me to a white page full of numbers and letters. Please could you guys help. Thank you kindly

timothydi wrote: Im Trying to download this material and it keeps sending me to a white page full of numbers and letters. Please could you guys help. Thank you kindly

mboylefls wrote: Banshee, this file downloads as a .doc file. i renmaed it .mat and got it to open in max.. but there is no bitmap included.. how do i get that?

chanc0 wrote: hi im new to vray, Im having trouble with your MAT file. It wont let me download your file into the bitmap setting. Why? Does vray only allow JPEG files?

potsmokerboy wrote: nice thanxx

miweiler wrote: Banshee´s materials are finest artwork! Thank you for sharing!

lolko77 wrote: Great work

meshag wrote: very nice mat.. thank you.

arch_hn wrote: its great

tiagrosa wrote: AMAZING!

krisyudichang wrote: good

mikki0 wrote: good

architectg1 wrote: rated this material with 9 Points

three-d wrote: Freakin' awesome! *thumbs up*

qwerasdf wrote: unbelievable...

Pirog123 wrote: O_O MEGA COOL!! Great work!

martian_aphid wrote: clever idea, i hope to learn from this.

bokistev wrote: I dont have a clue what this can represent, but looks cool

threedees wrote: amazing, gonna test it right away =)

hegazi_arc wrote: super

Banshee wrote: Oh do I? Hmmmm do you mean the glossy-samples or the reflection channel? I think the noise-threashold for the rendering was not high enough...

capp wrote: very cool ! but you have to increase the subdivisions in the reflection map i think to get a clearer result ?

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