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  ghost_final_fantasy by abarts

Category Others
Date 2006-10-24 15:31:16
Rendertime 00:12:38
System bi pro xeon 3.8 go 4 go ram
Vray version -
3dsmax version -
Comment You must put a glow in the rendering effects.
For the glow there are the settings:
Size = 0.5
intensity = 55
use source color = 100
radial color on the left = 255 . 102 . 0
on the right = 255 . 0 . 0

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DanoNavaro wrote: Amazing..!!!

kheradmandnezhad wrote: very nice

msvera wrote: thankx

cosmos2021xp wrote: NICE

xequen wrote: Nice Thanks

sofiabb wrote: hi! once you put the parameters in the glow effect it should work? or may i do something else with the material? dosnt work... thanks

nadie0212 wrote: crash crash crash

dcabrg wrote: Thanks!! ^_^

Skips wrote: thanks :)

Walloper wrote: nice work ! thank u very much for share..

RockEye wrote: Dream, realized! Thank you!

XChild wrote: wow, it's impressive!

rendersection wrote: awesome!!

uturn wrote: cool

kafields wrote: thank you i give this 9 points

SkyCapitan wrote: спасибо

yosbel wrote: bueno esta muy bueno

llexx wrote: Thank You

deniani wrote: great

mbaldin wrote: Amazing! Yout got it, buddy. I assigned it to a animal model and it was just like those phantoms from the movie.

tapone wrote: Simple and Great Thank U !

mrsin wrote: Wicked material!! For people who cant find the glow effect, first select lens effects in the list. And then scroll down abit and select Glow

emre_adali wrote: great

ayip09 wrote: like evil ray! qool

ViceOfFire wrote: It's great thankyou, i was looking for something like this, now I will examine all parameters :P

Artyr wrote: perfect! Thanx!

vishsm wrote: You add a lens effect then glow.

mafx wrote: hey, yeh I have no glow in the render effects in Max 2008 either. Can someone just comment on how to make it look like what is in the preview. Please

merraton wrote: I don't know if I got it right, but none the less its a great material :)

choyon wrote: i dont know if i am doing something wrong, but i cant get the effect that you show in the picture...can you tell me which file do i need to load...the standard or the ghost material....also it seems the effects are not working because i cant get any glow...thanks for your help!!

cj wrote: good shit!

owens_2k wrote: this material doesnt contain the bump and diffuse maps within the zip file

klementiev wrote: supa!

farias wrote: thanks this material is awesome

dogagungor wrote: THANKS

kudha wrote: very creative

japamoto wrote: lovely

ChickenSlaveDriver wrote: never saw the movie*

ChickenSlaveDriver wrote: Never saw, but that looks awesome!

lztxwd wrote: I like this mat

LevaLeva wrote: funny mat :)

abarts wrote: Thanks all!!

sat_mha13 wrote: Very nice effect

kolo wrote: good settings.... Thanks!

kosh wrote: Клево!

riddick76 wrote: Прикольно, давай еще!

sajil wrote: Nice effect

byba wrote: thank you!

cyy wrote: ^O^ THANK YOU

Marco wrote: Yeah, it really looks like the ghosts from FF. Very good!

CADinho wrote: good mat... but not usual!

srb wrote: great!

Banshee wrote: thanks for the settings!

abarts wrote: no prob ;-)

0utsider wrote: Great vanishing effect, thanks

abarts wrote: Thanks! Ok, for the glow there are the settings: Size = 0.5 intensity = 55 use source color = 100 radial color on the left = 255 . 102 . 0 on the right = 255 . 0 . 0

capp wrote: nice effect !!

mnemonik wrote: Yes, I agree with Banshee

Banshee wrote: Would you show a screenshot for the glow-settings as well? I think that´s an imprtant point ;-) Looks very nice by the way!

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