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 Merry Xmas Turd

  Merry Xmas Turd by capp

Category V-Ray Fur
Date 2006-10-20 19:15:24
Rendertime 00:17:48
System Dual Core P4 3400MHz
Vray version -
3dsmax version -
Comment Okay, this is a fun material.
might works best on cone objects :-D
You can use this only with max8 and if your Vray version comes with VrayFur.
enjoy, and...

merry Xmas ! ;-)

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poppysk wrote: amaxing!!!!

Skips wrote: Thanks :)

BC-Athey wrote: Haha! Fun!!

malacasrc wrote: very nice

Onix wrote: Really nice material. Thanks!

هدير البسيونى wrote: THANXXXX

egomaniacz wrote: i like the details :)

Travinka wrote: Very, very nice! Thank you! You are the Master!

Sansan wrote: Great job!

rambo anas wrote: very nice :)

trenoops wrote: Great Xmas Tree fur. Awesome! Thanks.

Frienddesign wrote: Excellent!

kashiawash wrote: I love it thxx.

Artdiver wrote: I have a problem with (Merry Xmas Turd_by_capp7322). I use in 3D Max 2009. I try to use, but it turns out nothing. Do YOU could explain, how adjust this material? I thank you

mk1995 wrote: oh~!!...so good it is~...

min ha jo wrote: wow!

nekostudios wrote: omfg, terrific. I loooove it. Just enable to understand how you did it. Great Job :)

tranphong wrote: rated this material with 10 Points

miweiler wrote: Fantastic Artwork! Looking forward for Xmas!

ray-xtreme wrote: Very good mat! I like this.

n.logothetis wrote: Excellent material. Very nice! Thanks!

Maximus wrote: ВеÑ?елаÑ? штука!!!! Very coooool !!!:)

scope34 wrote: great

M-Mniny wrote: Coool ! i bet santa will like it !

umam wrote: Yes,awesome. 10 points

VolosBlur wrote: Awesome!

vonhatthanh wrote: goog

chandni wrote: thanks

fatin wrote: i hate xmas but i like this mtl

chora wrote: great job

subi wrote: displacement makes it a tougher render.but it seems cool.. keep up the gud work buddy,..

SmoothZero1 wrote: that's talent!

tatunr wrote: okay, now that´s a 10!

goldshadow1 wrote: I give it a 11. Really useful material!! :)

NotElvis wrote: hohoho!

audiohominis wrote: Sit down. 'A'

chuckyp wrote: Very nice mat...but im having a hell of a hard time figuring out how to use this?!?!?

sviridoff wrote: Классный мат! Автору решпект. very good material )

zutten wrote: Great material but I need some help setting it up in my scene, anyone that wanna help please drop me a pm.

zutten wrote: Great material but I need some help setting it up in my scene, anyone that wanna help please drop me a pm.

koji k wrote: neat 9

cryptocid wrote: Отличный мат! мишура очень клево получилась.малаца. 8)

rmejia wrote: mery xmas !

3dweb wrote: 10

cubism wrote: very amusing, great idea. would like to see more of those...

stefanoko wrote: good

inK wrote: super!!!!

MartinL wrote: Amazing work dude, that will come in handy soon :)

LevaLeva wrote: товарищъч просто извращенец, мне до него три кобыл пахать; офигительный борец с действительностью. Но, гад, мне за икорку мало вставил :)

LevaLeva wrote: i said damn great work!

yetz wrote: very timely ha...tnx

AnatoL_DesigN wrote: good

knoxalper wrote: so good. thanks a lot

sat_mha13 wrote: Very nice....

zjcxkongyiji wrote: very good

zjcxkongyiji wrote: very good

DesignerV wrote: Really nice mtl :)

zahir3d wrote: very well

WhiTe*DeviL wrote: гыы=) thanks!

riddick76 wrote: Сцуко жжошь! Офигительно! Аффтар пеши ищо!

vitaly_3d wrote: the BEST

cyy wrote: THANK Q very muchie :D

CheGuevara wrote: cool!!!

turned wrote: this is so cool for generate I nice variety of colors

Burgerlim wrote: hi, Great mats.. Wonderful... i dun have max8... wonder if this is version specific.. could have the .mat file for viz2006 try?

CADinho wrote: great material !

kike de dios wrote: awesome

0utsider wrote: Really original!

SILVER_BIRD wrote: Good Job. I liked

jodestroy wrote: great work. continue your research. we like it

aheg wrote: very cool. stay crazy, stay fresh. not crazy people are very boring :) -- another crazy guy

Banshee wrote: As already said earlier - that´s just completely crazy capp ;-)) You must be mad =D

cyy wrote: this is so beautiful.....sad... i dont have vrayfur :( no more christmas for me

adryancyc wrote: wow...very nice

soljarag wrote: First i thought it was going to be Mr. Hanky from South Park :)

capp wrote: its a small insider joke. ask banshee for more informations :-D

CU441ES wrote: whys it called xmas turd? anyway cool mat!!

Th3 ProphetMan wrote: OMG

emerey wrote: awesome dude. congrats.

marcelo.perini wrote: okay, now that´s a 10!

le0nid wrote: hehehhe.. 10 points 4 u

Marco wrote: LOOOOL :*)

capp wrote: The glitter balls are Vray displacement.

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