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 Copacabana's sidewalk

  Copacabana's sidewalk by marcelo.perini

Category Architecture
Date 2006-10-20 15:59:04
Rendertime 00:17:22
System pentium 1.2 - 256ram ;_(
Vray version -
3dsmax version -
Comment Made with "portuguese Stone", the famous copacabana´s sidewalk.

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retross wrote: thanks for sharing

lara132345 wrote: nice

Michael Mourad wrote: thanx

RAYCORNEL wrote: thanks

andreibittencourt wrote: Amazing! Thanks!

rbs12 wrote: Thank you

emad3d wrote: thnix

garymanalo wrote: LIKE IT ...thanks

voman0100 wrote: thanks u for pen1.2 and 256ram ;)

uturn wrote: cool

Melamosa wrote: lindo

bausketchup wrote: Parabéns pela textura.

surendran wrote: thanks

vandalay wrote: just what i needed for an artsy render... thanks!!!

SJA+3D wrote: rated this material with 10 Points

vazduhuri wrote: Great material! Beautiful texture and perfect v-ray settings.

moina wrote: muito bom, tás lá!

xign wrote: O melhor material que ca está! Parebens

fa-mo wrote: thank you

mibelgue wrote: great one!

roadkill wrote: fantastico....

h_man wrote: 200! great!

rilutek wrote: Very good material man. Thanks

primacad wrote: iko baru mantap jo...

primacad wrote: rated this material with 10 Points

Pirog123 wrote: great work!!!

menino wrote: great

lorenzobettega wrote: COOL!!!!!!

error wrote: muito boa ^^

menosketiago wrote: I'm designing a bench to put on top of a Lisbon sidewalk... this material saved me a lot of trouble, man, thanks!

itg wrote: good!

danf20007 wrote: This is great can you post the other patterns that rio has to offer?

gdvdesign wrote: I hope to be in copacabana some day, whit my surftable

robert3 wrote: nice

yetz wrote: thanks..very useful and artistic

sakai wrote: the best mat for me :)

cyy wrote: THANK Q very muchie :D

CADinho wrote: great ! nice mat... 10 points

padrinia wrote: it is a 10 for me

sMs wrote: nice one... do u guys know a good refraction reflection turorial on the web?

capp wrote: thanks marcelo, but i think its not the best on this site ;-) just a little fun project, and more VrayFur than a material . keep up the good work, this site needs more good materials !!

marcelo.perini wrote: thanks capp! by de way, I love your xmas material! the very best on the entire site!!

capp wrote: as i said : i love it, good work but not a 10 ;-) but one of the beautiful mats on this site

marcelo.perini wrote: capp: I agree with you, that dispersion is a capital 10 for me. and of course my material is just a texture, but is a tipe of floor that´s widelly used in arquitecture, and haven´t show up here before. by, the way, a material that has no reflections and no refrations will always be just a texture....

capp wrote: but anyway, for a simple texture, i love it :-D

capp wrote: @marcelo a 10 ? why ? its really nice, but its only a simple texture ! look at emerey´s glas dispersion, this is a 10 for me, because it´s difficult to create if you dont know how to realize such a effect !

Dominik.Martinez wrote: dope

marcelo.perini wrote: hey! I think this is a 10 material!! kkk

marcelo.perini wrote: hey! I think this is a 10 material!! kkk

capp wrote: a professional artist wont vote their own materials !!! ;-)

capp wrote: I know the c.sidewalk, and it looks like it ! good work !

Banshee wrote: Beautiful!

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