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  Granite-Pink-Procedural by travistlo

Category Stone
Date 2006-08-30 01:06:53
Rendertime 07:40:00
System AMD x2 64 4400+
Vray version -
3dsmax version -
Comment A precedural granite material that allows for color changes without editing a image map.

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Sunnyd79 wrote: Nice, thank you wrote: Very nice!

rsx459 wrote: Nice!

0111 wrote: مرسی

katysha wrote: Beautiful perfect! Thank you :D

Foulques wrote: That's will be perfect for my model! Thanks!

danstromborn wrote: gracias!!

ayah89 wrote: thanks

galeadrisa wrote: Very nice!

blackwof85 wrote: great creation!! 10

suldik wrote: Awesome! Thank you!

Francky3D wrote: Superb !, Thanks ! ...;)


mohi.lauri wrote: yutyyrijfjgv

Marivic wrote: nice one

uturn wrote: cool

davidplato wrote: Nice One ! Thanks

puayleng wrote: yes++

hungvu.arch wrote: thanks very much

nicordf wrote: great material!

ssarq wrote: nice work

soljarag wrote: never mind.. its not that hard to edit..

soljarag wrote: great material! but really hard to edit :) can you create la granite "pack" with a few colors?

juterto wrote: Muito bom! Obrigada!

japa wrote: very nice material.

tomitama wrote: thank U so mach!

fa-mo wrote: thank you

mibelgue wrote: great one, congrats.

fmendoza wrote: gracias

chandni wrote: wow

alexkon wrote: excellent

rafawbraga wrote: I guess the only problem is that your material is too shiny...

tumitoe11 wrote: nice

kumagelo wrote: thanks :D this is very educational at the same time very very very deep material. IMO

zerosk8 wrote: nice one, thank you! :)

torn1988 wrote: Nice one. Thanks.

torn1988 wrote: Nice one. Thanks.

CADinho wrote: Thank You !!! very nice...

Thiago wrote: Great. Thanks!

visualride wrote: Thanks.

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