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 Fur Animal brown

  Fur Animal brown by Banshee

Category V-Ray Fur
Date 2006-10-17 18:40:11
Rendertime 00:09:25
System Dual Intel 3 GHz
Vray version -
3dsmax version -
Comment Well - a new category!!!
Vray-Fur is a beautiful feature of the Vray-renderer.
This is simply a brownish Fur-Material. Apply it to
- Vray Fur
- AND the mesh underneath the fur.

Play around with the diffuse-channel for darker or brighter results.

The Vray-Fur settings itself are heavily dependant of the mesh itself. The finer the subdivision, the lower the vray-fur-density can be. Here:
Length 10
Density 3 per Area
Gravity -30
Bend 0,3
Thickness 0,008

Have fun with the new category but don´t forget to post your settings! Thanks ;-)

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tenken1 wrote: life saver! Thanks!

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domacu wrote: califico este material con 10 puntos

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Banshee wrote: @ubeyd: Well, you apply a vray-fur to your object. Enter the settings like shown above (or - dependant on your scaling - different settings like length and Thickness) and then apply the material to both, vrayfur and object underneath.

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Banshee wrote: I just realised I had posted a wrong value. The Bend-Value is not 3, it´s 0.3 - I´ve just corrected it in the comment above. :)

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