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 decorated metal

  decorated metal by AndRAYko

Category Metal
Date 2006-10-15 12:37:44
Rendertime 00:21:36
System AMD Athlon64 2.4GHz, 1GB RAM
Vray version -
3dsmax version -
Comment technique can be usefull for creating silky wallpapers for close-ups..

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db_vizpix wrote: Looks nice on the thumbnail, but the download is missing a texture called 4.jpeg. Very sad I can't get it to work :(

compadre wrote: nice


mariafouli wrote: thank u :)

gonthermo wrote: omg

kikinozo wrote: i can´t use this material, need instruccion

fa2020 wrote: I tried out this material and it's so good.

3dmira wrote: nice

luposaki wrote: incredible!

Zhulia wrote: looks great, thnx!

mviking0 wrote: nice

sopart wrote: Ilike it very very much, bat I can't used it. Can someone help me, show me tutorial or tell me please. Thancks

PARANYOO wrote: woww

whereisit wrote: Very nice work. But theres one map missing (4.jpg) on the download file.

lediankondi wrote: greaty work ...great

modiaro wrote: nice

mihaius wrote: what is this?

bluetorch wrote: WOW! I just want to use it some where! lol nice work!

kehre wrote: very nice work!

Aminovic wrote: usefull

blacksnacke wrote: if theres 11 i will rate .. soo great

arthur666 wrote: Nice!

amirsaman2 wrote: it's nice

lokotkov_kh wrote: AndRAYko-СПÐ?СИБО

OuroBoRuS wrote: thanks for material... =)

Andrew Cross wrote: it's great!!!


alkimia wrote: how do i put it red

enigmaenigma wrote: i want this material for my library!! thanks!!

manuelmanuel wrote: my eyes say thanks a lot for that peace of beauty!

sangkavr wrote: fanstatic. Thanks.

artemis wrote: looks sweet) thx

chandni wrote: iam dreaming thanks a lot

wncranger wrote: Absolutely breathtaking!

rfvlima wrote: amazing

goldshadow1 wrote: Nice material!! I really need something like this. :)

0utsider wrote: Nice looking material. It might be useful in panels and walls decorations for interiors. Thanks

Viciousna wrote: Does anyone have a tutorial on how to use these things to make that material in the sample?

ghostcat wrote: very nice. i'm impressed

kostek1888 wrote: beautifull !!!

kylane wrote: Thats HOT!

polymorph wrote: very nice metal you got!!! good job!!! :)

macross wrote: cool & trendy good job!

macross wrote: cool & trendy good job!

cyy wrote: THANK YOU VERY MUCH :D this really help student like me. once again thank you very much, :D

530300422 wrote: GOOD

Banshee wrote: really nice one...

adryancyc wrote: very nice

amer wrote: WOW!

CADinho wrote: Great Mat... very nice...

capp wrote: Like it very much !

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