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  HardWood_Floor_Dark by Dominik.Martinez

Category Wood
Date 2006-10-13 20:34:26
Rendertime 00:06:34
System Dell 4X Pentium D 3GHz.
Vray version -
3dsmax version -
Comment dark hardwood floor...less sheen then most hardwood floors.

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Woodmasalar wrote: Thank You. It seems nice.

pankpavan wrote: Thank You

visso wrote: thanks

fik3023 wrote: Thank You

sai prasad tanuku wrote: Nice

kokuw wrote: thanx

isambert wrote: thanks

dawiebowo wrote: thanks

Marenna 2016 wrote: 7 points

butha123 wrote: So good

yangragi wrote: thank you. but I couldn't find his material in the folder

huynhvanthang wrote: thank you

huynhvanthang wrote: thank you

Alfosno_yug_arq wrote: This material is not vray and not in the folder

infintesarah wrote: like the color

merlan wrote: there's no hardwood vray material...

godfrey1992 wrote: good.

afssai wrote: not working

Pacobelsa wrote: excelente material

mliam wrote: annoying

Rafa_m_t wrote: well 9 points

johnmcurtis wrote: thanks for sharing this great material

mohi.lauri wrote: kk

xumaq wrote: awesome material

mortician666 wrote: chido

groupeea wrote: Thanks !

hanhsu wrote: thank u so much for sharing ur material !

sofia24arch wrote: which one is the material?

maxreyjun wrote: nice material

nasos wrote: thanks

rockshitt wrote: va

Jusseppe wrote: Please specify Max and Vray versions!

POPPY wrote: good

yAns wrote: I can't find the material, there is not vray material's =(

meyy88 wrote: wow!

Alis wrote: I cannot fint the material, there are lots of materials in this library but not the hardwook dark floor

jo_the_sailor wrote: nice rated 8

zgirl wrote: tks a lot ^^

yaoyilin-abe wrote: >_________< nice

giovannaeffe wrote: Thank you!

wkastro wrote: thank you

ttorr wrote: Thank Helped out a lot..

willy12 wrote: thank you

habib266 wrote: nice floor materials, thanks.

4D3i1d0 wrote: Muito Bom!!! Elegante e Discreto.

firstrunnerup wrote: thanks

isagoras wrote: exelente material me encanto +10

isagoras wrote: exelente material me encanto +10

JeroenV wrote: nice one, i give it a 9

fa-mo wrote: thank you

pirulanga wrote: rated this material with 8 points

rohit1701c wrote: Looks like top quality wood!


pibuz wrote: Excellent texture dude!Perhaps too bumpy,though..I rate it 8

ogtdave wrote: excellent man! thx a lot

philippebejjani wrote: very good

Esteban wrote: Not material in Mat File!!

Mark_Noland wrote: @ Levui, your too cruel with your scoring system. Your towel is not that great either.......

Think wrote: I like it!

cyy wrote: Very NIce! thank you very much :D

duudka wrote: thanks

Dominik.Martinez wrote: 3dnet=z-buffer

adryancyc wrote: A little to plastic

adryancyc wrote: A little to plastic

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