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Stainless steel

  Stainless steel by beyond-yw

Category Metal
Date 2006-10-12 03:00:33
Rendertime 00:02:09
System amd3600+
Vray version -
3dsmax version -
Comment The family installs commonly used

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thebadger wrote: I've been looking for this material for a long long time and all the tutorials I watched didnt really help, than you so much

binsuleman wrote: blank..The library doesn't contain anything.

louiesbuan wrote: nice

wjpax wrote: Perfect for truck wheels! /Thanxz

user98750 wrote: 11/05/2018 Empty .mat

msvera wrote: Thankx

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Con.Interior wrote: thank you

Con.Interior wrote: thanx

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OnurKurt wrote: thx :)

Fredex wrote: Empty material library in max... useful.

eraclio12 wrote: i like it

maxvray wrote: 8 points

hamzh_omari wrote: i cnat see image

socfx wrote: The mapping you did not include...

vinai.v wrote: I cannot download , it shows 0kb on the download now link.

savager wrote: really cool!

janesiew wrote: why i can't see the image?

Firagon wrote: Its nicely done, congratulations

vitaminjr wrote: this is great!

chendai wrote: nice

fr4nky1987 wrote: tanks man

pikorokoso wrote: thanks a lot

carlosdavidblake wrote: thanks it will help me

sijinsjn wrote: hai friends

TinoBambino wrote: cool

TinoBambino wrote: cool!

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prashanthkp4 wrote: i am not able to use this material in max 2009

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CiF (BANNED) wrote: no mat inside... pfff... boring

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susanmoses wrote: it would be great to have this material... but it doesn't open in the browser... thank you antways!

susanmoses wrote: it would be great to have this material... but it doesn't open in the browser... thank you antways!

sanay wrote: it didnot mergedddddddddd

JuliusCaesar wrote: Sorry

JuliusCaesar wrote: Empty library

FUNKSTERBLOPA wrote: nice website and awesome steel

zone wrote: tnks a lot

zone wrote: tnks a lot

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gcb wrote: uh.... 0kb?

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Crash_O wrote: Please remove this material, as the .mat file is empty. No material in the library

Pirog123 wrote: so clear material! not realistic =\

Silarion wrote: There is no mat in the mat library could you please update ? Thanx

Silarion wrote: There is no mat in the mat library could you please update ? Thanx

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capp wrote: i think its time to make other materials than steel and chrom. this site have alot of them now !!!

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