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  Carpet by jfserejo

Category Architecture
Date 2006-10-07 02:39:51
Rendertime 00:55:50
System 2.0GHz Pentium M 760 1024MB DDR2
Vray version -
3dsmax version -
Comment Carpet controled by V-Ray Displacement Modifier. See: V-Ray Displacement Settings.jpg

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GABRIELTEARQ wrote: amazing!! Thank you

systembb wrote: Thank u

reginadim wrote: thanks.

alexajaninesamantha wrote: Thank You

bigbotom1 wrote: pi?kna

aefosz wrote: Thank you!!!!

michellem wrote: thank you

SENLIE77 wrote: thank you

marst wrote: ty

Hary setiawan wrote: Terima kasih :)

Unreal21 wrote: tnks

msanad wrote: many thanks

royestrella wrote: nice!

harnelbe wrote: This is one of the best Carpet Textures i get ! Very realistic render with Vray 3 keeping your settings ! Congrats !

choose wrote: nice

theac wrote: Looks fabulous!

Rita Baltasar wrote: Thank you very much- 10 points ;)

tan-star wrote: This is The best!

muratti22 wrote: not seamless

siera_maulida wrote: I just love it so much!!thank you..

tita3007 wrote: the file is damage!

Lok wrote: I like how you also include screen grab of settings, very thoughtful, thanks for sharing!

allen_bakemono wrote: like like like

rawan wrote: v nice thnx

arnel240 wrote: GOOD!!

rawan wrote: than you

javadalert wrote: too good

javadalert wrote: too good

Francky3D wrote: Thank you ! ;)

snake_v5 wrote: Very helpful for my renders..thanks man!!!

tedibea wrote: thank!

headspins wrote: great

MORRIS01 wrote: amazing material! congratulation...

SOOP123 wrote: pune e shkelqyer -- great jobe

playlife_21 wrote: looks good!

designer785 wrote: This the material i am looking for to create realistic carpet look. But I can't open the 3dsmax material library file (.mat) after download it.

gabsho wrote: Great! Just what I'm looking for!

natzki wrote: very nice thanks!

baby-charm wrote: Carpet

baby-charm wrote: Carpet

bimbim wrote: nice :X

allenkg wrote: very nice mat

surendran wrote: good

dopey81 wrote: nice carpet

NCutout wrote: i like this... looks pretty cool

ehon wrote: i m sorry...now only i know need to leave comment..:) i like this carpet

Chaosstorm wrote: I dont want to know what for carpet you got :P this looks kinda painfull to stand on ^^ and yes i am 3 years to late..

ontheroad wrote: Preatty good job mate!

leo fagan wrote: very nice work

jorge teixeira wrote: hummm it like good, let see first.

CAPISH wrote: good job partner

asile wrote: perfect!

wizzies wrote: Da besssssssssstttttt!!!!!!

chandni wrote: greatttttttttttttttttttttttttt

h_man wrote: amazing!

idiomwurkz wrote: nice

kylane wrote: Worked quite well, hoeever the settings JPG is missing from the ZIP file. Managed to work it out though.

cyy wrote: THANK YOU VERY MUCH :D this really help student like me. once again thank you very much, :D

Geritr wrote: bien

adryancyc wrote: Well done.

lordofmax wrote: this is avery nice mat

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