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Uba Tuba

  Uba Tuba by Clopez

Category Stone
Date 2006-08-29 18:42:44
Rendertime 02:20:00
System Dual Xeon 3.0
Vray version -
3dsmax version -
Comment Vermont Granite, Black

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milacsantana wrote: No .mat :(

Sunnyd79 wrote: thanks

burcincsk wrote: there in no material

kubismin wrote: nice

supengruen wrote: 3 Pictures for real? This isn't a riddre page. At least the proper names like uba_tuba_bump Displace and difuse were nice!

Babel001 wrote: 2 piots

blackwof85 wrote: great creation!! 10

stanis01 wrote: No material just .jpgs...

Blackxsel wrote: Sorry, i just made a mistake, wanted to rate it 10 but the mouse mouved so fast.

adripp wrote: very nice thanks Clopez

cathycclg wrote: o point

alex santana wrote: Muchas gracias, Lopez.

hadykotta wrote: rated this material with 10 points

manuelmanuel wrote: no .mat

PR7 wrote: no .mat in here

RakelFP wrote: There is not mat file inside

archihelp wrote: no complete

Lim_Lineage wrote: nice

oneill3d wrote: .Mat file missing

JohnnBgood wrote: .Mat file missing.

Firagon wrote: I have a black one but this suits better to my stais, thank you

spamgg wrote: .Mat file missing.

akis308 wrote: .mat file????


hayreen wrote: where is the .mat file??

oscar castellanos wrote: 7 poinnt esta muy bien

lwjacob wrote: The texture is in low resolution.

subdive wrote: 2

aymanpalma wrote: wheres the .mat

lisss wrote: where is .mat file ?

JORDI CANELA wrote: The render looks pretty cool, but in the download archive there are just jpg's, of down quality. No sign of a Vray material.

rustymaximus wrote: That's a shame, no material!

S.Riddick wrote: no material

andreVRX wrote: no material ....... ;(

zedian wrote: Well, it is not a material, just three images to build a material.

Danny Rotten wrote: It´s just have the texture, but thanks for the textures.

Powatan wrote: Yes, still no .mat file?!?

gisellemedeiros wrote: No .mat file

roikher wrote: falta el archivo .MAT !!!!!!!!

mediacan wrote: NO .MAT FILE INSIDE !!!

yAns wrote: No mtl file in the archive!!! reload pls =)

Tim01 wrote: No material file. Only .jpg files! :-(

lorenzobettega wrote: mat file?

mma633 wrote: no mat file

in10siv wrote: no mat file

jgerhard wrote: no mat file...

quiques10 wrote: no mat file

jreben wrote: no mat file

fa-mo wrote: thank you

enolagay wrote: Only Jpg in Ziip File No material

chandni wrote: thanu

avenger wrote: nice render, would be good to include a *.mat

xeoshadow wrote: Nicely done

randy sandiya wrote: No mat !!!! Sorry , Only 0 point to you

wenverpel wrote: Ubatuba is a brazilian kind of granite. Great job!

Pirog123 wrote: what does it mean- UBA TUBA?

digo5150 wrote: 5 because it's whitout *.mat

denzo wrote: nice ..it's like ceramic...

beraja wrote: where is mat?

inu wrote: No material inside

jungyeon711 wrote: c-black

ccxian wrote: MISSING MAT FILE

kolegarh wrote: NO MATERIAL

ob3ron wrote: MISSING MAT FILE, just 3 bitmaps

ob3ron wrote: MISSING MAT FILE, just 3 bitmaps

RayOfLight wrote: nice material, look heavy, just like it should!

[HP] wrote: fantastic material! congrats

visualride wrote: Classy. Thanks!

CarlosBZ wrote: Yeah! the setup material is important!

tuekappel wrote: .....the download consists of 3 textures? _ we ask you to upload the MATERIAL-LIBRARY and the corresponding Bitmap-Files_

leebano wrote: Fantastic! I love this stone.

myj2008 wrote: hao

CADinho wrote: Very Nice !!!

Banshee wrote: @Clopez: If you´d like to provide the komplete setup, please send it to us and we will include it in your archive.

3D Inside wrote: no max file in the archive nice render btw

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