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Glowing Metal

  Glowing Metal by Thykka

Category Metal
Date 2006-10-02 06:06:24
Rendertime 00:10:39
System AMD/Model: 10 1980MHz 512 DDR
Vray version -
3dsmax version -
Comment It's damn hot! ;)
Needs 2 mapping channels.
Can be easily converted into a totally procedural material.

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Pong9999 wrote: Thank you!

schreck wrote: Awesome, thanks a lot mate!!

freakyyyy wrote: Nice job I love it!!..!

shamantrixx wrote: it should be mandatory to post a critical argument when rating some material with less than 5 points. Maybe some check box with several possible 'reasons' for voting with less than 5!?

lolko77 wrote: Nice work. Thanks

Evgenick wrote: hot ... very hot

Thykka wrote: For everyone with problems with this material, your geometry needs mapping channel #2 as it's used by the map which controls the "hotness" of the metal. If this won't help, you may contact me at thykka (at] gmail .com

smspigeon wrote: Wow, Now that is very very hot. Great look

paketa12 wrote: great material ... fabulous

Jojje L wrote: a tutorial for how to make the material work, would be great..

Jojje L wrote: a tutorial for how to make the material work, would be great..

teenviet_com wrote: hope your make more material

redfingered wrote: very good details

bozar88 wrote: Amazing! Both the metal and the glow are stunning!

simonaskham wrote: Looks good in the picture but the matt you download is pure white!

kenan GD wrote: thanks for this but it not wark why

silsil wrote: hey meen!

exile3d2 wrote: not working for mee white map

skeezo wrote: thanks for this material, I was looking for exactly the same !!!

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