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VRay Alumin

  VRay Alumin by trick_979

Category Metal
Date 2006-08-29 17:51:11
Rendertime 00:12:00
System dual AMD
Vray version -
3dsmax version -
Comment vray realistic aluminium

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Slender-58 wrote: ti?ikür

kokuw wrote: thanx

msvera wrote: thankx

miguelayala wrote: this is water not aluminium

itsapats wrote: thank you!

Rich0980 wrote: Unfortunately the uploader included the wrong material - water.

Tombinop wrote: asas

pauli55escudero wrote: good

xxnatsukixx wrote: heyhey this file is not aluminium. It's water. whywhywhy?

xeee wrote: =)

mineirinhagr wrote: water?? is not not aluminium =/

azar.azar.0 wrote: this is water not aluminium

haneen2012 wrote: like

Rolan Garcia wrote: es Agua

fredy wrote: humm water? wrote: Is what i need, tnx

eltapia wrote: water material

tonneti wrote: Water..................

deleyt wrote: This is water!!

Sekuence wrote: water

stu3691 wrote: Water?

carlosyip wrote: I don't want water...thx

j.c.r. wrote: real nice

ancarius wrote: The material is a dud

spidermannetje wrote: this material is water

decostudio wrote: The material in the archive is water.

lowellopone wrote: this is water not aluminum

joe8104 wrote: This is not aluminium. This is water :(

stamms2009 wrote: thanks

richardxs wrote: This is not Aluminium. This is a water material. Wrong File!

deleyt wrote: No vote placed. This is water.

deleyt wrote: No vote placed. This is water.

downser wrote: kjn

infograph3d wrote: this material is water!! please repair this link to correct material,

seishi wrote: Hey, this is water, not Aluminium!

jas2 wrote: In archive file with name WATER, non a Aluminium

suship wrote: very nice

gercon23 wrote: thanks

conan0302 wrote: how did you get it.i like it.

mamochka wrote: Идиоты, Ñ?оÑ?ите хуй, там вода

susanmoses wrote: anyone want water? here it is... would love to have the aluminum I see here... thank you though

susanmoses wrote: anyone want water? here it is... would love to have the aluminum I see here... thank you though

sanay wrote: waterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr i just wanna alumnium

fa-mo wrote: thank you

lopi wrote:'s just little bit blue and trasparent..... :)

mibelgue wrote: yes, is water... but thanks too!

mibelgue wrote: yes, is water... but thanks too!

gwykim wrote: thanks a lot

orazzaz wrote: yeah it's water

jemivi wrote: Inside the Zip File there is a Water Material ?¿

jms51051 wrote: thank you


vklein wrote: it looks more like unpolished titanium

Ironmacko wrote: This is water material !!!

3drock wrote: Very Nice :-)

StCraft wrote: Its not the good files...

CADinho wrote: Thank You !!!

voltron7 wrote: only a water material, but thanks anyway

Mj The Hunter wrote: OMG!!! hehe.. Good water mat, maybe you should fix it. You know to an aluminium mat :P

dom wrote: Wron Mat in zip file i think

Levui wrote: archive nclude WATER mat

artysmedia wrote: Mejor que el otro aluminio

dennisderschow wrote: looks very nice, but the file seems to be broken. Wich version of vray is it?

ginospalla wrote: looks more like aluminium natural..

CHRiTTeR wrote: Looks more like titanium ;)

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