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Orange Juice

  Orange Juice by Levui

Category Liquid
Date 2006-09-28 22:50:41
Rendertime 01:32:00
System AMD 1800mh
Vray version -
3dsmax version -
Comment So it is looked in a glass

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cexer34 wrote: very nice

quevfx wrote: thanks

quevfx wrote: thanks

quevfx wrote: thanks

mssozenster wrote: thanks

lorejimpar wrote: awsome

gui_dm17 wrote: Nice material

samsu3d wrote: 8

hardrockglam wrote: nice

liujia_yx wrote: that is really good!!! thanks

abdodarwesh wrote: thanks

Chibuky wrote: A bit slow to render, but looking great! Thanx

karalliyadda wrote: wow

cristiancol wrote: a perfect material dude.... need some time but quality take time

joe8104 wrote: This f***in` juice is too long to render. It`s not good. I vote again with 1 point.

luxi wrote: very nice job... been trying to achieve this for 3 days now!

chandni wrote: its very tasty thanks yar

krysalis wrote: very realistic. Thanks!!!

bapak.abbi wrote: nice oj, bro! thx

vbn wrote: Extremely Realistic !!!! Bravo !

Mark_Noland wrote: @ Levui: In California our orange juice looks more like: http:__www.stansholik.com_photos_food_oj_on_satin.jpg

Levui wrote: Mark_Noland look in comment url

Banshee wrote: @VISUALIZA: This is our last warning. Stop it or you will be banned permanentely.

Mark_Noland wrote: Looks like yellow jade.

Levui wrote: Dominik.Martinez J7 - Russiam mark

Dominik.Martinez wrote: what kinda orange juice are you drinking?!

OO7 wrote: vendetta

fun_fun wrote: great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kite34 wrote: Awsome! love it =P

dimkant wrote: круто!!! на шарике отстойно но в стекле в стакане например круть! сам рендерил

andropov wrote: Спасибки! ;)

CheGuevara wrote: Супер,спасибо!

number_one wrote: :)

Levui wrote: больше всего - красный фон оттеняет...

Levui wrote: LevaLeva Я совсем малость пожелтил его в фотошопе....да еще стакан роль большую играет....

Banshee wrote: great one

LevaLeva wrote: да, чот он у тебя получился здесь светлым looks like frozen juice :)

birbidouille wrote: nice look

Marco wrote: Wow! Definitly good!

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