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  CD/DVD by LevaLeva

Category Others
Date 2006-09-26 14:57:16
Rendertime 02:00:00
System p4
Vray version -
3dsmax version -
Comment All units in mm. Fully procedural material.
Requires mapping for 'Ring brush' anizotropy – channel 2.
Requires mapping for 'Rainbow'. In case 'CD/DVD' subject is legacy from Lathe modifier (ring mapping).
I had to modify the base scene. I added 2 IES lights for anizotropy hi lights, because they've made of Standart material. Also I turned off environmental lightning.

DVD disk render image: http://img216.imageshack.us/img216/3189/cd01fl1.jpg

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dpsjwlrhksfl wrote: awesome!

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jameson63926 wrote: Render time is insanely inefficient

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josuka wrote: Wow... looks real

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infernoacid wrote: Thanks alot! Great material! :D

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curiousgeorge wrote: awesome stuff! keep it up!

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â„–13 wrote: It`s really render time - 02:00:00???

triAr wrote: interest!

lordbyte wrote: superb!I like it

igancio wrote: excellent!

stryfe wrote: really nice !

zoneman wrote: How does this work, all i get when i use this is a trasparent material, cd`s arent all transparent.

TriKaa wrote: оого, я так понял что для просчета карты , помимо всего прочего, используется расстояние от центра обьекта. Может ты смог бы сделать мапу тормозного диска. Все автомоделлеры были бы тебе крайне признательны !!!

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gfreeman wrote: Genial material ;) Gracias

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liuguangjun wrote: materials thanks love


tillaart36 wrote: Great

ApeiNe wrote: Really nice one there (: reflection is perfect, but IMO that could be better to raise down the refraction glossiness [;

fun_fun wrote: nice

fun_fun wrote: nice

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jerychang wrote: If possible I will try release some of my material last tim too.

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StCraft wrote: Impressive ! The best shader at the moment for me :)

Esteban wrote: Perfect material, and very cool!!!!

Marco wrote: Also you changed our sample-scene i love this material! thanks!

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