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Grass Architectural

  Grass Architectural by LevaLeva

Category Organic
Date 2006-09-26 14:55:14
Rendertime 00:07:00
System amd x2 64 4200+
Vray version -
3dsmax version -
Comment All units in mm. Fully procedural material.
In this scene I scaled down material settings (1:100)
Requires 5*5 m mapping
Put 'LL Grass Displace Map' into VrayDisplacementMod slot with 150 mm amount.

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Irnika2507 wrote: Thank you a lot!

PauMoraaless wrote: Thanks, great mat

xequen wrote: Thnx!

f1_senna wrote: tx

rudgen wrote: Thank you for sharing

katysha wrote: beautiful! thank you! :D

dehamz23 wrote: Thanks

nubiamonroy wrote: its any tutorial how can i open the material . i have trouble whit submenus. thanks in advance

nubiamonroy wrote: thanks very much

remek12 wrote: nice thx!

lmd333 wrote: thanks, ive spent a day trying to get my procedural grass looking this good. wish i found you this morning. more procedurals all.

zema wrote: thank you very much

rambo anas wrote: thank u my frnd.itz very helpfull to me.. :)

pogo_ogt wrote: I just joined this usefull space. I'm going to start using vismat materials, want to improve my renders. Thanks for the GREAT work!!!... p.o.

ranuboy wrote: yes this is grate...

swormtube wrote: excelent

pranab501 wrote: 10

ranyaegypt wrote: thak you

yoken wrote: thanks

wardancer wrote: and the oscar gooeees too :p

trongleart wrote: Look real. I rate it 8 pnts!

3dlemo wrote: necesito un pasto,,corto"

kienkor86 wrote: ^^ thanks

nass wrote: nice

fabrythrash wrote: very fast displacement ! I' m experimenting :-)

vandalay wrote: wonderful work!

annusha wrote: VERY GOOD

de_profundis wrote: thank you...keep it up

hupulis53 wrote: thanks

sania wrote: 10!

fa-mo wrote: very nice mat

com320 wrote: d gras is gren gren gren grass... good green...

skog11 wrote: very nice looking

cheto wrote: how come it doesnt let me open the jpeg

dryui wrote: афтар жжот

denzo wrote: great work !

denzo wrote: great work !

zakukak wrote: мило)

_Lightbulb_ wrote: Is it for mini-golf? :o-))

Dmitriy wrote: Лева,я с Одессы. Че так мало наших? ...Одни буржуи! А ты откуда?

Dmitriy wrote: Лева красавец!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sva wrote: hmm, great for fabric too !

3dsmax wrote: so fast

mark wrote: this is intelligent! although i can see the pattern repeating. still i am going to use this! very good!

MAZZZY wrote: корошо!

MAZZZY wrote: корошо!

DesteN wrote: Спасибо за все материальчеги, мастер! решпект! :)

milonga wrote: Ít works. Very nice

cavorka wrote: good

richardwhcv wrote: REALLY AWSOME

m4ck wrote: beautifull!

ern wrote: looks nice

enduro wrote: GREAT!!

MASTER wrote: Молодец :)

flore wrote: tks!!

CADinho wrote: great... mat

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