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Gold - Brushed

  Gold - Brushed by Banshee

Category Metal
Date 2006-08-29 16:50:49
Rendertime 00:12:45
System Dual Intel 3 GHz
Vray version -
3dsmax version -
Comment Well yes - a brushed Gold-Material. I you think, brushed gold doesn´t exist, simply desaturate the colors and you´ll end up with brushed alu or metal. Harder brushed than my brushed steel material.

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canimesh11 wrote: there is nothing here

tiitle_ray wrote: thank you

SHINHAEUN wrote: Thank You

kevsi12121 wrote: ;x

farbodd wrote: tnx

ajithks wrote: gr8 one,love it

robinhood684 wrote: great material!

Sansan wrote: good job!

GP-8 wrote: Super

elareu wrote: AWESOME MATERIAL!

quocbao103 wrote: thank

swaine wrote: Very nice!

orochi1 wrote: amazing... i like it

orochi1 wrote: thanks banshee!!!!!!!

orochi1 wrote: amazing... i like it

orochi1 wrote: wow good job!

kyoshiro wrote: good

prie wrote: perfect!

vkalidass_3d wrote: This looking like a gold plate its nice

potot wrote: I don't see why there r points lower than 9, so 10 it is!

fa-mo wrote: thank you

Zuikuay wrote: GREAT!!

stephenjone5 wrote: it is what it is, so 10 points...

julius.oyong wrote: Very nice detail. :)

vickyalvarez wrote: This is a relly high class material! Congratulations

Magic wrote: Standart 3ds max material. Why it here?

bentrox wrote: thanks,

fraseiva wrote: Fantastic material, Thank You!!

CADinho wrote: Thank You !!!

jmghobrial wrote: very good work

visualride wrote: Useful. Thanks!

Eyesight3D wrote: Fantastic

小耗子 wrote: COOL !~:)

Samukas wrote: Hi, Nice Work. This one works fine :) great.

Shak wrote: nice work dude

Banshee wrote: UPDATE: the download should work poperly now
Sorry for that.

ismail wrote: yes, if you download it you get the wrong file

greg04 wrote: this is gel silicone instead of gold.

gizzer wrote: hm, the brushstrokes seem to be a little bit too long. this way it looks a bit like painted whith metalic-gold-finish.

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