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Brick facade

  Brick facade by kavehsaeed

Category Architecture
Date 2019-05-27 22:25:22
Rendertime 00:03:00
System CORE i5 - RAM 6 - GPU 1
Vray version 4
3dsmax version 2018
Comment This Brick is available in market with " Azarakhsh " brand and it use for facade design.

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kavehsaeed wrote: Hi this texture belongs to Iranian company named AZARAKHSH, and all texture of this company products are free for download. that website which "Banshee" mentioned, isnt AZARAKHSH website, the official website is : http://azarakhshbricks.com/default.aspx?PID=Download-Texture-File all textures of this website is free and they dont include copyright law. dont worry ;)

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Banshee wrote: Thanks for the material! I was first worried that the textures might be copyrighted, but I quickly found them here for free download: http://dirgodaz.com/products/firebricks-textures Just giving the reference to the creator.

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