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TyFlow Destruction 1

  TyFlow Destruction 1 by Banshee

Category Special Effects
Date 2019-04-15 17:46:17
Rendertime 00:02:30
System -
Vray version 3.6
3dsmax version 2018
Comment Hi all,

Tyson Ibele recently released his amazing TYFlow plugin, which completely replaces the old and clumsy PFlow plugin that comes with 3DSMax.
You can download Tyflow here:

In the zip file you will find a complete destruction setup.
It´s way more complex than it has to be, but provides options like one birth node for each material, additional physX modifiers which can alter the behaviour of the scene etc.
If you want to use DR with vray, add an export modifier and export the full cache, then turn off the initial tyflow.

In this scene the red ball crashes into the sample object and completely shatters it, all the kinetic energy gets transfered through the different stages and will shatter the objects into ten thousands of large to tiny fragments. All almost done in realtime!
You can use this setup to break down buildings, which won´t completely collapse - only in the areas where the impact of the "bullet" is noticable. If you have any questions, just ask them here!
Thanks Tyson for that amazing plugin!

Note: The concrete shader is not included in the file. Simply replace the shaders you want to use in the provided multi-sub-material. It´s not about the shader here, only about the destruction setup. Careful, save before moving the timeline!

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unicoman wrote: omg!

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KAWSAR HAMID wrote: This is very helpful for me. . Thank you Very much

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Banshee wrote: You can download Tyflow here: http://docs.tyflow.com/download/

Banshee wrote: There is a new version available! Check for Tyflow destruction 3. It´s way faster and won´t cause "rotating particles".

Banshee wrote: Sorry, I just noriced one mistake in the setup. The particles which are still in mid air won´t stop spinning. Will straighten the setup and re-upload a new setting. But it will work perfectly fine for quick scenes and effects.

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