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  Snow by K.F

Category Others
Date 2018-06-04 02:22:19
Rendertime 02:30:00
System i7-950
Vray version 3.6
3dsmax version 2018
Comment Procedural SSS snow shader.

Test render:

Please note that for artistic reasons, the material color is a little bluer and more shimmering than reality, for more realistic snow just change the SSS color from light blue to very light blue, almost white, and reduce the specularity and glossiness.

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kabam2786 wrote: Thanks alot!!

AzuwanMohd94 wrote: thanks

dvrayc3 wrote: very nice

draghicibog wrote: hi would be possible to save a version for max2016?

alieftekhari wrote: good . tanx

djshark0 wrote: thank you , good job

eng_pm2002 wrote: ok

jsam88 wrote: yes

Cloud_W wrote: jnhcxg

sirohoro wrote: sf

wylhanjia wrote: Let me have a try,thank you

surfrdm wrote: thank you very much for this work

pab_rs wrote: Nice, good job (: Thanks

f1_senna wrote: Thank you so much.

dhruvil463 wrote: needs all materials in 3d max 2014 version & vray 3.0

onaranzohre wrote: thanx

habib1988 wrote: many thanks :)

mariiaed wrote: nice

Dominarval wrote: ВАВ

nyirko22 wrote: cool

K.F wrote: Yeah, it's fine displacement coupled with SSS, so render times are pretty demanding, but it's done on my ancient i7-950, so it's not as bad as it seems if your rig is not a glorified potato like mine is.

Banshee wrote: But boy, the rendertimes^^ I guess it´s about time to release an optimised sample scene for vray 3.6 and max2018+

Banshee wrote: Thanks a lot K.F., this is brilliant. Looks very good - the black lines around the sampleobject are certainly faulty displacement seams which wouldn´t occur on closed geometries.

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