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rattan style

  rattan style by arrival

Category Wood
Date 2006-09-25 17:29:29
Rendertime 00:08:49
System p4/3.2ghz
Vray version -
3dsmax version -
Comment i made this mat with my digicam from our sofa at home.
hope u like it!
displace amount 0.4
edge length 1pixel

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steneze wrote: Thanks !!!

itsapats wrote: thank you!

karakas34 wrote: 100 points

st2411 wrote: nice

dimauavn wrote: 10 points

dimauavn wrote: 10 points

0mesu0 wrote: 8 Points

islamesso wrote: nice awwyyyyyyy

anas chirakkal wrote: thanx alot my dear friend :)

facuscar78 wrote: rated this material with 10 Points

raphaela wrote: very nice work!!!

TruongDD wrote: 9 Points

luchoremo wrote: nice material guy!!!

rhoup wrote: NICE WORK...^_^

lhanq wrote: thanks for this finally i found it.

1983nightcrawler wrote: nice one!!

kaiuuy1031 wrote: thanks

dcabrg wrote: Thanks ;)

diogovb wrote: just perfect... great one

UnshavenBag wrote: Very nice, I like the worn look and the bump/displacement looks very nice.

whaling wrote: nicely prepared tiles perfectly - thanks!

pixelsmoothed wrote: great sofa! >D

pilareta wrote: rated this material with 8pts

viktorperic wrote: very nice

afirami wrote: very very nice

fa-mo wrote: thank you

chandni wrote: thansk a lot

onmydesignway wrote: I LIKE IT ï¼?THANKSï¼?

deathroll wrote: Вот это яд! Потрясающе...

t-joss wrote: Excellent!!!

infogramas wrote: can you upload the scene with this material assigned. I don´t know why but my render is so slow, not 8:49 minutes.Thks in advance

adryancyc wrote: I like it a lot

killster wrote: nice!!

3dsmax wrote: amazing


kuncan wrote: I like it verymuch :)

resende30 wrote: GREAT.

lztxwd wrote: I really like it :)

_sintez_ wrote: nice

itox___til wrote: thanks.very nice

mofaz0880 wrote: such an interesting one. different from any others. thanks!

arcelm_m wrote: very good.nice

Kenny3d wrote: Пасиба... то что нада... Малацца

flore wrote: grax

jerychang wrote: Wow, I look it for a very long time thanks for sharing any way

Mersus wrote: Похоже обскакали меня. Пытался что-то похожее сделать, но не так реалистично получилось. Молодец!!!

xingchen (BANNED) wrote: VERY NICE

ultranexus wrote: This website is really useful for all vrayers out there This website rocks :)

MilBarD wrote: das Material ist echt fett

CADinho wrote: thx... looks very nice

Banshee wrote: YESSA! Thanks, I was just waiting for a texture like that! :D

Marco wrote: Hey ich hab einen Rattan-Stuhl der genau so aussieht!!! :-D

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