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 copper aged by construx

  copper aged by construx by construx

Category Metal
Date 2018-02-21 18:41:20
Rendertime 00:02:47
System intel xeon X5650 24 Go Ram quadro K4000
Vray version 3.20
3dsmax version 2016
Comment copper oxidated

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construx wrote: Hi Banshee, Yes the base is yours ! i tried to make a variant of your material. I changed the green metal into seamless map, that can be use in other material as well. The dirt map setting were a bit changed, but you are my mentor for vray mat. ! following you since i started vray ;)

Banshee wrote: But to me, the oxidated parts look too shiny. Might do another variation with my old material ;)

Banshee wrote: Hi there! Reminds me a lot of my own aged copper that I uploaded a while ago... you use the same maps even :D But hey, thanks for that! I had to delete my material as I uploaded a whole library instead of only 1 material ;))

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