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roof 2

  roof 2 by arrival

Category Stone
Date 2006-09-24 15:22:39
Rendertime 00:12:51
System p4/3.2ghz
Vray version -
3dsmax version -
Comment a try to make a better roof
for u!
displace amount 0.8
and use edge length \"1\" pixel.

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dm_jalil wrote: thx

squidgybod wrote: Thank you - very nice.

blackwof85 wrote: great creation!! 10

autumnbacly wrote: Thank

nageh wrote: thanks alot

filipogo wrote: thank you!

fds2013 wrote: thanks!

dhlebes wrote: very nice

bikenet13 wrote: nice

denrevo wrote: like it!

uturn wrote: cool

unomas1 wrote: good roof

wumans wrote: Cool!

alsabti wrote: wonderful

SRDSG wrote: thanks!

sertanxx wrote: mmmssaaa

surendran wrote: thanks

grespigna flavio wrote: Grazie, ciao.

mappaudang wrote: the best thanks

cominkdesign wrote: great man,,,thx much,,,

aidatabilin wrote: thanks

BZZiK wrote: 1000 pts!!!

ray-xtreme wrote: Nice roof texture!

funkista wrote: I like what you did :)

kadmaster wrote: Good work... 10

Meklon wrote: Sorry, but only 7. I`ll explain. The main disadvantage is non-realistic texture. Material does not have view like real ceramics. I think you should work with it. Copare it with real photos. Add some dirt points that appeared after the rain... Use the photo of real ceramics. Best wishes) Thanks anyway)

chicho wrote: i'll try it on a cool buzios scene!!

grommite wrote: Very nice on first try. Thank you.

deppix wrote: very nice

chunlive wrote: Thank ever so much

merraton wrote: great!

pompeli wrote: thanks!

stephenjone5 wrote: Thanks :-)

rodinsa1985 wrote: gracias, necesito mas!!

fa-mo wrote: thank you for materials

enigmaenigma wrote: i used your material and is perfec!!!

specterworld wrote: very nice settings

enje01 wrote: thanks,very nice material...

chargalm75 wrote: Que buenos Materiales son !!!!

Adsu wrote: thx

photoleon wrote: Very nice!

toprak wrote: thanks

kalatorul wrote: pls change it to architecture category :)

el_fatah99 wrote: thx

asasins wrote: awasome... this looks like a real mud-made roof!!

sp0ng3b0b wrote: thx for sharing...

vurto10 wrote: thx.. nice mat

ogi_winanto5 wrote: thanks to you!

suflikar wrote: Thanks, very nice.

nos2 wrote: cool.. thanks

flore wrote: grax!!

dianapew wrote: nice roof, thanks..thanks

jona löwe wrote: very cool! nice to learn from materials made by artists like you!

Yusmar wrote: THANKS...

p4toda wrote: nice.

killnet wrote: err sorry 7 out of 10

killnet wrote: 7_10

jono wrote: exactly what I need right now! Thank you very much!

xingchen (BANNED) wrote: Thank YOU

CADinho wrote: thx for share

mrthanh wrote: well, nice !!! very nice

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