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MAX 2009 + Vray 1.5+, MAX 8 and
MAX 7-Samplescene right here!

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Heat Stained Metal

  Heat Stained Metal by JImBob575

Category Metal
Date 2017-06-01 23:16:44
Rendertime 00:44:00
System Intel i7 7700 16GB RAM
Vray version 3.4
3dsmax version 2017
Comment This scene has been rendered with 2.2 gamma (rendertime 22sec with original settings) because that's what it was made for and looks almost black with the original sample settings. I've also used the free plugins Thin Film from Siger and Bercon Maps.

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Banshee wrote: Very nice material!! Love it! One comment " This scene has been rendered with 2.2 gamma " ---> the sample scene has already a gamma2.2 setup. So when you open the scene for the first time, you will be asked if you want to adapt the system settings to 2.2 If you did not accept that, the system would render at gamma 1.0 settings and then it´s obviously too dark. Or maybe you´ve opened an old scene that you already had saved with gamma 1.0 settings. Anyway - the sample scene should be set up for gamma2.2 renderings, because I´ve created it myself and I only use the gamma2.2 workflow. ;)

JImBob575 wrote: Hi Banchee, I have the sample scene "MAX 2009 + Vray 1.5+" from the front page (and in case I had changed something in the file I had locally I downloaded it again now) and when I open it I get a window asking if I want to disable gamma correction to correspond with the settings of the file. Is there later version that I'm just missing or is there an old version on the server?

JImBob575 wrote: And sorry for misspelling your name :P

JImBob575 wrote: A short video of the material

salam8447 wrote: awesome

clenisolivera wrote: OK

clenisolivera wrote: OK

Banshee wrote: OK guys this is taking overhand here. If those spammers don´t stop with the troll-votings, we´ll disabler the feature completely.

K.F wrote: You can limit voting to only people who have uploaded a material, and/or the vote does not count to the rating if the voter is a new account until some time passes even if they have a material. And threatening trolls to disable the votes is like saying "stop, or I'll give you what you want if you continue", not really a solution, there are many ways to stop them.

slowhand818 wrote: I agree with K.F in that asking them to stop is pointless. I have never seen ratings on other material sites, and I really dont think removing the materials would affect how many times a material is downloaded. Look at the asphalt textures, they were totally unuseable but had loads of votes, so clearly most people voting don't download the material. All that is happening is that people who create yout materials think why bother uploading in the first place. I really think it is time for the voting to be removed completely.

slowhand818 wrote: should have read "I really don't think removing the scores would affect how many times a material is downloaded."

Banshee wrote: @slowhand, K.F.: We´re discussing an alternative to the current system. We still have that "huge" update in the pipeline, that would require a complete oberhaul anyway. Thanks for your input guys... we might need some helping hands with the galery, the comments and even the new forum in the coming weeks or months... cheers, guys.

slowhand818 wrote: no problem Banshee, happy to help. You should already have my email address from when I have contacted support in the past.

EnemyAce wrote: Very handy - thanks!

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Banshee wrote: Removed some votes here... We´re going to change the rating system in the next days or weeks. We´re already working on it.

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michalispapa wrote: thank you


andreagra86 wrote: So amazing!!! Congratulations and THANKS!!

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