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Golf ball

  Golf ball by latice007

Category Plastics
Date 2017-05-22 09:11:11
Rendertime 00:00:30
System i7
Vray version 3.2
3dsmax version 16.0
Comment Material 003

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Banshee wrote: I feel it should be a little more shiny and reflective. Right?

latice007 wrote: banshee can u tell me. how we get material of the day. i want to know on what basis they give us the ranks and win.

slowhand818 wrote: @latice007 I think the scores should be dropped. People score 10's for materials that cannot be used, and vote 1 or zero just to be childish. Scoring does not influence me on downloading a texture, it is whether it is useful.

Banshee wrote: Scoring / rating was meant for the material contests anyway. But although we had prizes 1000$ and above (graphic cards even) only few people participated. Today only top materials really get a lot of votes / ratings and to become material of the day you simply need a flat 9 points average. The material is chosen randomly from that pool.

latice007 wrote: @banshee @slowhand818 when will be the contest happen again. and how can i get some tips and tricks about vray

slowhand818 wrote: The way I am still learning is to download materials that you like and see how they differ from the default vray material, this will give you clues on which settings to start experimenting with. I am not a moderator so cannot comment on the competition. Do not let the down voters put you off from putting up materials they are just a pain!

rubbersoul92 wrote: Thanks!!!

alshaimaazaghloul wrote: thx

bahazahim wrote: good

usefali2017 2 wrote: very good

usefali2017 2 wrote: 1234567

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