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  Blue_glass_KD by Damyanov

Category Glass
Date 2006-09-24 10:23:06
Rendertime 09:42:00
System AMD Athlon 64 FX 60 , 3GB RAM
Vray version -
3dsmax version -
Comment A Nice Blue glass. A little bumped

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igord2 wrote: /////////// solved: dont click on the link with the left button, click "save link as" and you ll get mat file

igord2 wrote: no downloasd 07 2020

gtrgrf wrote: thanks

gtrgrf wrote: thanks

Danabb wrote: it's broke

hpf wrote: cant download

hpf wrote: cant download

katysha wrote: Beautiful! Thank you :D

fq3 wrote: cool one

ayah89 wrote: thanks

serin wrote: good! thanks

nikhilkumar.niks89 wrote: 10 on 10

envineer wrote: THK

mituaman wrote: 10 on10

okcad wrote: nice

rourou wrote: 10

fariafrank wrote: NICE MATERIAL

bluedragon999 wrote: nice one

wargod_06 wrote: Thanx

bellebellebelle wrote: excellent !

d37ils wrote: thanx

rmie wrote: thank

wardz wrote: nice!!!=)!!!

pedja123 wrote: gr8 stuff man

zyrg wrote: It's Goood!

TIMME wrote: awesome .. ty

sali21 wrote: nice

lorenzoB wrote: Can i use this materials on C4D for Mac OS X ?

lorenzoB wrote: Can i use this materials on C4D for Mac OS X ?

fa-mo wrote: thank you

umam wrote: rated this material with 8.5 points

oliestanley wrote: I like very much. thanks

3dsamurai wrote: it look really nice

ALTUS wrote: good job

dexy wrote: minimalistic!

Nogruin wrote: I love u! This is just what I needed

jcbonilla wrote: very nice, thanks

damoury1 wrote: very nice glass

damoury1 wrote: very nice glass

3dsmax wrote: 9 hours! oops i meant 3

korumer wrote: perfect !

korumer wrote: perfect !

khau1412 wrote: great! Thank U!

DesteN wrote: rulz!

Timothy Saunders wrote: Excellent material! I love the subtle bump for distortion.

Vampire2584 wrote: Wow!very cool!!

rulocorgan wrote: cool

Fatalny1 wrote: that is quite awesome : ) 8 would be good.

oleg_l wrote: Fantastic!

aheg wrote: nice fresnell. good, solid material. Appreciate your hard work!

flore wrote: gracias

xingchen (BANNED) wrote: It,s very nice

CADinho wrote: thx a lot

Marco wrote: Yeah, looks nice :)

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