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  Asphalt by freakyCGI

Category Architecture
Date 2017-01-31 12:20:41
Rendertime 00:00:34
System CPU: i7 4790K @4.4Ghz - Memory: 32GB - GPU: Quadro K4200 4GB.
Vray version Vray 3.40.01
3dsmax version 3ds MAX 2016
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eng.mostafashaban wrote: goood

redaaoufi wrote: cc

abbasmehrpoor wrote: hello

AYALI wrote: thnx

arqsandhas wrote: Great

EDGEDimension wrote: Missing maps

cami8a wrote: No Texture! :/

andreagra86 wrote: It looks so great!!! THANKS!!

lalalawu wrote: Just awesome!!

nufanskt wrote: maps gonne

zinoray wrote: no textures, practically useless! :(

Drake94 wrote: No maps

adrizulo wrote: xc

AD75PARIS wrote: Missing files attached!

foxman2006 wrote: NO MAPS !!

ammafathy wrote: thanks

unknow697 wrote: No texture you fuck

kunchom wrote: thank

Banshee wrote: @freaky: Thanks for the material(s) but the maps are missing. I´ve already removed your asphalt (fixed) material for this reason. Could you upload the mat with the right tex files?

hegmar wrote: why do anybody vote with 10 Points? map is useless without texture :P

stergeol wrote: thnks

Romanmario wrote: There is no texture

juniorwar wrote: boa

patischw wrote: god

cansunas wrote: well

Banshee wrote: where are the maps?

slowhand818 wrote: Can not use this material the maps are not included.

Nafea2014 wrote: Very nice. Thank you.

freakyCGI wrote: I fixed This material: http://www.vray-materials.de/all_materials.php?mat=3200

freakyCGI wrote: @Banshee fixing it soon.

Banshee wrote: Ahhhh stupid bots again. *swings the banhammer*

Banshee wrote: I like it. I just don´t get the brownish color.

sal3darki wrote: very realistic,thanks

yviamonte wrote: Very good!!!

Marco wrote: Welcome back :-D

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