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Tennis ball

  Tennis ball by latice007

Category V-Ray Fur
Date 2017-01-27 10:11:03
Rendertime 00:02:28
System I7 processor
Vray version 3.2
3dsmax version 16.0
Comment Hello everyone. here Latice Design come up with there another material. tennis ball. which is very useful to everyone. we have been uploading the vray fur setting with it. enjoy

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Astorias wrote: cool. Just not 100% realistic maybe? Little too fuzzy and neon green..?

latice007 wrote: actually the new tennis ball look like this only. i compared

Kotrin wrote: Danke!

vpip20 wrote: thanks

mellowrapp wrote: Just what I was looking for! Thank you so much.

alantang97 wrote: Thank you so much

Nico_24 wrote: best

fredjohannes wrote: nice

ArunkumarG wrote: nice work

macgun848 wrote: Can't seem to be able to add it to the material lib.. if somebody could help it would be usefull

gevo wrote: ii dont see this material i mat lib ... :(

rejabul wrote: Super

Yaşar wrote: sd

karenswan wrote: nice

karenswan wrote: wow

yukikobayashi wrote: Thank you!

kobatake wrote: Thank you!

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