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Towel Procedural

  Towel Procedural by K.F

Category Cloth
Date 2016-10-19 12:49:32
Rendertime 00:08:48
System i7 950
Vray version 3.4
3dsmax version 2015
Comment a procedural displacement based towel material. Both sss and standard materials are included, sss looks better, but standard renders faster.

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julixn92 wrote: great

billibong13 wrote: Thanks !

dacurio01 wrote: Thanks

Kotrin wrote: Thank you so much!

mianshani wrote: good jobs

Skyline34 wrote: cool

Banshee wrote: Interesting suggestion K.F. We will discuss this issue. We try to make sure that those trolls get their accounts banned. If we notice a user who only votes low for no reason, this account gets banned, sometimes automatically, sometimes manually.

Gazer wrote: looks nice material,

tutumomo wrote: Good

K.F wrote: This site really should switch to a "like or dislike" system instead of a "out of 10 score" one. That way, a low voting troll, or an idiot who don't know how to use the material won't have the influence of 10 people who voted normally.

Astorias wrote: let´s keep this real here... that does not look like a towel.

latice007 wrote: Good Work.

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