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Patterned Glass

  Patterned Glass by K.F

Category Glass
Date 2016-10-03 22:45:05
Rendertime 00:06:27
System i7 950
Vray version 3.4
3dsmax version 2015
Comment 4 patterned glass patterns, some test renders:



Note that it is a disp. map by default, you might want to change it to bump if you didn\'t need the self reflection details, which does add to the realism.

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wind.www wrote: Thank you!! :D

etaimaserre wrote: GREAT !

M4 wrote: Is it possible to have it for Max 2014? Thanks!

lchenyu wrote: Very good. 10

ditkeey wrote: rated this material with 10 Points

Azat158 wrote: amazing :D

sarfercas wrote: 9

artzim wrote: Amazing !! many thanks !!

patischw wrote: godgod

Kotrin wrote: Danke!

sgparchitecture wrote: Thank you

amit oanchal wrote: WOW

yanivsolomon wrote: cool

eechazarreti wrote: Thanks buddy..

alexpetrus wrote: very nice material, easy to use

deesign wrote: Nice!!

sirumadayi wrote: awesome material i got from this chaos group.i had never seen before. thank you

Kabelo wrote: awesome material. love it. thanks

simranjitsingh wrote: it cannot be loaded in my max, please help...

tanapol2525 wrote: rated this material with 10 Points

AlphIOmega wrote: Dope!!! Shout out to your efforts!

amna9206 wrote: nise

muhammad.albattah wrote: Good jop

jaimesthomas wrote: nice

3DCreator wrote: really nice!

K.F wrote: Yep, that's what it was originally, the top left is a woven metal disp. texture, and bottom left is a fabric disp. texture. These types of bumps are actually used in real patterned glass, but given that glass maker use almost everything, it's not a big surprise.

Banshee wrote: Top left. Sorry.

Banshee wrote: Interesting Look overall! I wonder if you could do a basket / woven Fiber material with the bottom left displacement map?

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