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Green velvet

  Green velvet by latice007

Category Cloth
Date 2016-08-12 07:31:55
Rendertime 00:00:18
System i7 processor with 16 gb ram
Vray version 3.2
3dsmax version 16.0
Comment this material is useful to add beautiful soft green velvet to chairs and furniture and cloth

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Kikesaltos wrote: When I open the mat library the name of the folder appears but not the material. Im running MAx 2015 and Vray 3. Anyone with this issue?

Banshee wrote: Dear latice007, we had to delete your material "stone tiles" due to copyright violations. DO NEVER upload a copyright protected commercial texture to this site. This results in a permanent ban of the user account and might be followed by legal actions if the owner of the copyright enforces it.

julis93 wrote: i like it so much

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