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  Diamond by freakyCGI

Category Stone
Date 2016-07-22 19:35:42
Rendertime 00:14:54
System CPU: i7 4790K @4.4Ghz - Memory: 32GB - GPU: Quadro K4200 4GB.
Vray version Vray 3.20.03
3dsmax version 3dsMAX 2016
Comment -Available for 3dsMAX 2013 and above.

-Also you can adjust the reflection and refraction subdivs as needed to reduce render time.

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freakyCGI wrote: @ilia mosk I included the MAX scene file for 3ds MAX 2013 you can open it with MAX 2014 and than just take the material from there by saving it.

ilja_mosk wrote: 3d MAX 2014 cant open =(

quynhmai676 wrote: Thank you

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