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Clear Polycarbonate with fresnel reflection

  Clear Polycarbonate with fresnel reflection by Julie3D

Category Plastics
Date 2016-05-31 22:16:43
Rendertime 00:10:31
System INTEL Corei7 2.30GHz 16GBRAM
Vray version V-Ray Adv 2.40.04
3dsmax version 2014
Comment Clear polycarbonate with a nice touch of fresnel reflection.

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Julie3D wrote: bluening2: This was created in max2014, so I´m not sure you can use it in max2012. Nevertheless, be sure to use VRay version 2.40.04. (wich is the version I used to make the material) As VRay is a separate software and not originally part of 3dsmax, you might be able to use this material despite of your max version. Hope that helps, wish you luck!

nourragab wrote: nice

msvera wrote: thankx

manmothkp wrote: Lubley!

hoda emam wrote: thanks for this

bluening2 wrote: Please can you tell me how can i use it with 3ds max 2012? Is it possible? My pc is old and i dont want upgrade the software yet ;). Can you help me please?

patischw wrote: god

wjddmswl3712 wrote: thank u~

thehare wrote: awesome

tansufidan wrote: thank u

kevsi12121 wrote: K

Julie3D wrote: The difference between this and glass is just the concept. This has an IOR of 1.6, which is equivalent to a medium density glass. Nevertheless, I designed this material for the lenses of a pair of lightweight glasses, which are made of a very dense, resistant kind of polycarbonate to reduce weight without losing the look and transparency of glass. This material is also used for kitchenware, and even in some kinds of camera lenses (without fresnel reflections). That´s why I categorized it as Plastic. Hope this answers your question.

Astorias wrote: what´s the big deal here, I don´t quite understand? It´s reflecting, fresnel, and refracting. What makes this so special compared to glass?

libizane wrote: Thanks, it's for work.

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