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St Lucia Sea

  St Lucia Sea by slowhand818

Category Liquid
Date 2016-05-08 14:01:52
Rendertime 00:08:22
System intel i7 gtx 660ti
Vray version 3.2
3dsmax version 2016
Comment tropical blue sea. max file included for max 2013-2015

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tragical2 wrote: cool

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dquirozr7 wrote: THNX!!

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BrianAR95 wrote: work in cinema 4d?

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jesusvindiola wrote: Can i download this materials in sketch up?

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hussainniyaz786 wrote: i need 2015 version supported materials, i cant open this!

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nikolas21 wrote: not procedural((( I see tile!

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chikimaz wrote: THANK YOU

bleachcity wrote: Thanks!

ng siu han wrote: it great ;)

1a2b3c4d5e6f wrote: fine

RedWings442 wrote: ?

slowhand818 wrote: Just tested this with new release of Vray and there is no grain or noise. It was a bug in Vray which has now been fixed.

AXLEANGLE wrote: thank you

doriskim wrote: very nice

serdarbostanci wrote: sdess

slowhand818 wrote: thanks much appreciated.

Banshee wrote: removed the 1 point from Nelson. Probably a mistake. Not a ban though.

Alberto_Kni wrote: thanks

tarek_romio2010 wrote: thank's

slowhand818 wrote: Yes I know ramping up the samples fixes the grain but the render time takes much longer. I set the levels to keep the rendertimes down.

Banshee wrote: I like it but it seems a bit grainy for some reason...?

Maristella wrote: w

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