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Fine Wood

  Fine Wood by K.F

Category Wood
Date 2016-01-30 10:17:17
Rendertime 00:01:48
System i7-950
Vray version 3.0
3dsmax version 2015
Comment Fine and shiny wood material. The sample looks absolutely terrible. To have a real feel of the material, please see these renders where the material is used on the board:


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c8389422 wrote: cool

anas9895 wrote: super work

FERSAN1981 wrote: Excelente

laurent75016 wrote: thank you !

lopezm wrote: thank you :D

belenguerram12 wrote: thx!!

1cK0n wrote: ty

Jeanpaullan123456s wrote: really nice material

melihinan2 wrote: cool material


mustafaturiaqe wrote: dhdthdth

bongsoon wrote: thanks

jihadhussain wrote: good

cowsnroses wrote: looking good

nourbawab wrote: thanks

Ohjcar wrote: very nice material

rheclip wrote: nice

karakas34 wrote: very nice ! awesome. so thx :))

Niernel wrote: Nice Mat :)

reginadim wrote: Thanks

dannez1987 wrote: A good material, thanks for sharing it.

ah27470113med wrote: no assets

Users59 wrote: Спасибо. Очень реалистично.

Users59 wrote: Спасибо. Очень реалистично.

patischw wrote: good

driblle wrote: thanks

Marenna 2016 wrote: 7 points

aonbreakin wrote: nice

enis327 wrote: GOOD TEST

diez01 wrote: fdfdsf

031dar wrote: rated this material with 9 Points

freakyyyy wrote: @Banshee I understand that nothing we can do, good work guys anyway!

K.F wrote: I know, I know. It was just a small critique for an otherwise excellent job. I have no idea why people attack these kinds of sites. mrmaterials.com was continuously hacked to oblivion until the owners gave up on it., glad the same is not happening here. As I said, great site.

Banshee wrote: fine material by the way!

Banshee wrote: I can remember that we had a lot of "low vote bots" after a couple of months. Actually hundreds of bots. Some users were real haters apparently.. that´s why we started swinging the ban-hammer. That´s also why we had to close the forum :( Spam, illegal links, all kind of rubbish.

Banshee wrote: Obviously, we can´t ban everyone who votes low ONCE or a couple of times. We do have automatic bans for users who vote very low in uncommon ways - e.g. someone voting down several 8-9 point materials gets an automatic ban and we have a look at it later. Someone who only votes once in a while and has a reasonable average can´t be banned for it of course. Otherwise we´d have to get rid of the voting system completely.. which would be a shame.

freakyyyy wrote: @K.F Be happy my friend, my problem here is they are even don't know how to make materials or even use our materials but don't worry Banshee doing good job he's banning them! we have 756800 member on this site and 2600 materials this is too bad.

K.F wrote: Ahhh, those low voters, glad things haven't changed here in the past 8 years :D Still, great site.

kollegah25 wrote: lol what a nice Material

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