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rivetted metal

  rivetted metal by slowhand818

Category Metal
Date 2015-10-19 13:18:41
Rendertime 00:03:12
System i7 GTX660TI Windows 10
Vray version 3.2
3dsmax version 2016
Comment can be opened in max 2013 to 2016. Sorry but earlier versions are not supported in 2016

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laurent75016 wrote: thank you !

hpf wrote: great

joe_28 wrote: beatyfull

SPBS wrote: excellent!

Lele wrote: WOW!

safak92 wrote: awesome material, thanks!

awelawer wrote: they look great

hackertm wrote: thanks

patischw wrote: good

ametemre wrote: cant open max 2015

Banshee wrote: a separate displacement map only for the round rivets would have been better..

MeGa Rec wrote: Great thanks

autumnbacly wrote: Thank you !

Wess wrote: Thank you so much indeed

slowhand818 wrote: open the max instead of the mat file this contains a cube with the material applied so you can add it to your material library in 2015

magnitude wrote: i can't open max 2015 it has written not supported ??

Marco wrote: Sample-Scene is now in the ZIP-File. Thanks slowhand818 for the update

Marco wrote: Looks pretty cool. Thank you :-)

slowhand818 wrote: I have sent the file to the moderators, hopefully they can put it into the zip file on the servers. It is a pain that materials are versioned to the release of max.

slowhand818 wrote: oops sorry I had to delete it, because it made the zip file to big to upload. I will send the larger zip file to the mods and ask if they can put it in the zip file

fedeps wrote: where is the sample bro?

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