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  silicone-gel by gizzer

Category Plastics
Date 2006-08-29 16:17:10
Rendertime 00:30:40
System dual/dualcore AMD, 4gb Ram
Vray version -
3dsmax version -
Comment simple SSS-mat, which should be optimized for shorter rendertimes ;-)

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hpf wrote: this isn't silicone it's plexiglass you uploaded the wrong material!

kokuw wrote: thanx

dantexx20 wrote: thanks man!

Dogfood wrote: THANK YOU

huynhnea wrote: Thanks much!

aries.architect wrote: Subdivs 30! Nice but costs lot of time

tony11 wrote: amazing

tony11 wrote: amazing

lumengde wrote: how to download ?!!!! help~~~

rbkrahul wrote: very nice material..helped a lot..! Thanks a ton... :)

minamalba wrote: Here is your private authorisation link:

JamesBarber wrote: This is plexiglass, not silicone gel, am I missing something?

fa-mo wrote: thank you

skadudfhr1 wrote: sdfasd

soifr wrote: nice to use for baby's bottle

shairul wrote: nice but long time to render

zerosk8 wrote: 30 minutes ! :O

duncanglamis wrote: very good material

CADinho wrote: Thank You !!!

vbn wrote: 10_10 :P

visualride wrote: thanks!

johanvn wrote: Cool !!

gizzer wrote: yeah it´s the behaviour of the mat. i put the mat on the whole group. don´t know if the bubbles should have a negative ior. but it´s just a test ;-)

Thomaskl wrote: really looks like a very-very-safe condom :-) cooool !

Banshee wrote: Nice one ;-) But did you put the Material on the whole Object? (The grouped object)? The bubbles on the inside look very dark and solid.. or is this the behaviour of the material? Anyway - Quadro AMD and 4 GB Ram - 30 minutes.... heavy stuff...

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