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Clear Plastic

  Clear Plastic by Espie1979

Category Plastics
Date 2015-08-09 14:07:49
Rendertime 00:06:51
System AMD FX 8350 (8 core) 32GB RAM
Vray version V3.0
3dsmax version 2014
Comment This is a clear plastic. Good for plastic jewelery and beads

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hamilton555 wrote: nice

arditp93 wrote: great material

luckyluojie wrote: this looks nice!

laurent75016 wrote: thank you !

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DanoNavaro wrote: Amazing..!!!

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fatendesigner wrote: nice material

cosmos2021xp wrote: THX

DavidManzanares wrote: How do i install this .mat files into Vray for C4D on Mac????

dwette wrote: nice

MJFielden wrote: Good One!

mcdf wrote: Thanks! Great...

msvera wrote: thankx

ciel313 wrote: Thanks


zolymadafaka wrote: Looks great, thanks!

veronika999 wrote: thx

africano wrote: i will try it . thanks

GERMASTERS wrote: thanks

syedkhusro wrote: very nice configuration.

nolipineda wrote: Thanks so much!

svdstaak wrote: Looks really good, also as matte glass. Nice work, thanks for sharing!

patischw wrote: good

trabdullah wrote: thank you

reydagon wrote: how can i use it in maya ?

pantera34 wrote: realy good

zodasingh wrote: thx

modzeven wrote: thx

dhgns8890 wrote: nice~! thx~

artursamenezes wrote: Very well @@

krado wrote: Thank you!

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