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  Plaster_Alex_Rai by Alex Rai

Category Architecture
Date 2015-06-17 10:59:42
Rendertime 01:53:04
System i7 2.67Ghz 16 gb Ram Graphics ATI Radeon HD 48500
Vray version 3.0
3dsmax version 2014
Comment a simple plaster material for interior or exterior walls

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Patrick22 wrote: thanks

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abhayzz wrote: all materials this website has is amazing and allows for better quality. Real fan of vray :D

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laonhi wrote: ated this material with 10 Points

laonhi wrote: 10

chatura789 wrote: Beautiful...Material Thanks..

IPB wrote: Nice material, thanks

Tshushant wrote: Awesome

ludwig849 wrote: perro

cristian1 wrote: gracias Alex rai

mido-nagy wrote: 1

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mazen01009093149 wrote: 1

mazen01009093149 wrote: اا

chandrakanthp wrote: help me how to use these material

chandrakanthp wrote: it doesn't work

paulako wrote: looks great, but not tileable

meodenemr wrote: thank you

PiloGaytan wrote: exelente para exterior e interior

takytrance wrote: ty

hristin_1991 wrote: 11 points

adam.shalaby wrote: 7 point

adam.shalaby wrote: ghjk

bahe74 wrote: thanks this one nc

fadelmarbou wrote: i like these life with those materials

shalaby wrote: thnx

loliconhentai wrote: Thank a lots!

marceykato wrote: it doesn work for 2012

Alex Rai wrote: Sorry! I make a mistake!

freakyyyy wrote: Make sure when you set render time.... in the pic it's done in 1m and 53sec not 1h.

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