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  Mayan by Advan_mx

Category Stone
Date 2015-05-21 09:48:02
Rendertime 00:02:03
System i7/ 10Gb Ram DD3/ Geforce GT 520 1GB
Vray version 2.4
3dsmax version Design 2013
Comment Vector image by

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alirezaazerila wrote: i cant use this material is the file completely uploaded?

15p7052 wrote: cool thanks

laurent75016 wrote: thank you !

sofa2323 wrote: cooo;)))

Hayder.1973 wrote: nice. thanks

faarpry wrote: woow

jcai33 wrote: thanks

mohdegy wrote: thanks

mustafa_Assir wrote: thanks

ahmad1111 wrote: thanks

vivianidesilia wrote: Thank you!

mohamd salah s wrote: nice

munshid wrote: good

f1_senna wrote: thnks

moustafa rashed wrote: thanks

Emadbahgat wrote: Thanks

marinmarais wrote: Thank you, but those are not mayan motives but the most aztec...

amable wrote: I hope this will suit my needs.

sundos wrote: thank you

rodrigobreenan wrote: impresive!

patischw wrote: good

scarcamo wrote: how to upload on vray rhino? how to apply ".mat" file

joydapogs wrote: this is awesome


tiosckar wrote: THANK YOU!

Raularq.2108 wrote: el material me parece perfecto por su detalle poroso

Hager99 wrote: thank you

meodenemr wrote: THANK YOU

p0alves wrote: Nice one mate!

Astorias wrote: Actually nice but can you read? Do not modify the scene or people cannot compare the shaders.

manh wrote: thank you, it is so good

donquixote7 wrote: Aztec Calendar Stone...Thanks!

freakyyyy wrote: Nice!!!! ;)

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