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  Diving_Helmet_Copper by stonelith

Category Metal
Date 2015-02-25 09:47:07
Rendertime 00:16:00
System Dual core 1,7, Slow but decent!
Vray version 2.0
3dsmax version 9
Comment I really love how vray users make copper materials! So, I tryied to make my own procedural copper material especialy for diving helmets!( Included additionaly 2 images, full samplescene model view and helmet 3dmodel with material, 3dmodel not included!)Hope you like it!Image reference: http://www.thecanterburyauctiongalleries.com/lot/an-early-20th-century-american-morse-v-copper-and-brass-diving-helmet

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ericromina wrote: nice

mail2kustav wrote: very nice

Roman1981 wrote: ???????!

compadre wrote: bueno

Trapos wrote: Thanks

marakis wrote: thanks!

Mozein wrote: very nice

John Richerd wrote: super

John Richerd wrote: super

manellouro wrote: how can I use this material? only comes with images in jpge and not with the vismat file

M&Mjar wrote: hi not sure if i have misunderstood how this works but there is no .vismat in the download?

stonelith wrote: Notice: I've changed my user name from "Deesign" to "Stonelith" due to general branding name purposes! www.stonelith.com Thank you all for your comments!

EnemyAce wrote: Thanks - works great, particular being a procedural.

martinj wrote: not tried these yet i'm just going by the render there's some very nice stuff

silviapicci wrote: nice

bbbahrammm wrote: good one

bbbahrammm wrote: good one

freakyyyy wrote: Congratulations.... BRO!

stonelith wrote: Image reference url is not valid anymore...Thank you all for your voting!! More materials yet to come!

joseloriarq wrote: excelent

obludamonster wrote: very good

Thứ Hai wrote: very good, thanhs you very much

hornet1964 wrote: Awesome creation!

freakyyyy wrote: waiting for new awesome mats

freakyyyy wrote: :)

stonelith wrote: Lol, didn't want to tell you what you already know, this was mainly just for new users! I also use max8!

freakyyyy wrote: lol I know It's not by 3dsmax version but I meant the scene it self I prefer max8 scene.

stonelith wrote: Hmm...couldn't say... Nevertheless, these scenes are render neutral, so each material should look different in actual render scenes when used... So,what's the point? Sure, just to have a clean result, controlled envirronment and a reference of the downloading material! It would be great if there was a section in this site for alternative render scenes, not by 3dsmax version but by lighting, envirr etc.One or two more, just to have a check how materials look like e.g. in interior /exterior renders!

freakyyyy wrote: I think 3ds max 2008 scene is better than 2009? I'm using max 2008 scene btw.

TS75 wrote: very nice

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