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Sun-cracked paint

  Sun-cracked paint by stonelith

Category Metal
Date 2015-02-21 11:28:39
Rendertime 00:08:00
System Dual core, 1.7 MHz (slow but descend!)
Vray version 2.0
3dsmax version 9
Comment A simple - fast rendering sun cracked paint.Enjoy!

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Prasath10 wrote: good

deepukarayil wrote: nice

stonelith wrote: Notice: I've changed my user name from "Deesign" to "Stonelith" due to general branding name purposes! www.stonelith.com Thank you all for your comments!

neonbillboardstudio wrote: great job bro

meodenemr wrote: THANK YOU

robin hood wrote: gimana cara dapet vismatnya ya.,.?

stonelith wrote: I've been here for a while, always fascinated by outstanding materials, free of charge, by authors with no much of fb, twitter or .com promotion... But still, awesome mats voted for 1 and so...What I want to say...This material maybe doesnt worth for "10" or "9", even "8", there are tons of others really hard to make...!Memmy_12 please give us your voting criteria, for me to make better mats, and for all of us so you dont seem as a troll...(Nevertheless, this is just a voting...Highlights is just highlights... You know what I mean...!)

stonelith wrote: Check my new material, search "Diving_Helmet_Copper"!

stonelith wrote: Thank you guys!

freakyyyy wrote: great start....

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