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  Clay by freakyyyy

Category Stone
Date 2014-08-07 19:29:22
Rendertime 00:04:02
System i5 3570k at 4.2Ghz, ram 24gb, GTX 560 SLI
Vray version Vray 2.40.03
3dsmax version 3dsmax 2013
Comment Use Bump map to add the jpg file.

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mlmymail wrote: perfect! natural!

nisela wrote: GOOD

hpf wrote: thats a great addition

metalmoon wrote: thx

edwingad wrote: great! thanks

adb.arkidek wrote: wow! i love this material! thanks!

yarv wrote: Thanx!

yyywuwuw wrote: cool

corteza wrote: i miss me spider... cool

Lebedev Andrey1 wrote: гнлгл

Lebedev Andrey1 wrote: гнлгл

shahadat.955 wrote: good

freakyyyy wrote: @Fredex You are rating materials just for how sample it's or how good it looks? they are some adjustment to the material not only textures.

Fredex wrote: Are people rating the same material as me? This is just a photo of a clay pot applied to both the diffuse and bump. It isn't tileable or even flat and actually had the wrong jpg file name in the mat compared to the one in the folder. Pointless and unusable. Do not understand the high ratings...

meodenemr wrote: thank you

shuto wrote: wtwerhywertjuh

mozec wrote: Looks perfect!:)

rouchagour1977 wrote: good

waseem khan wrote: good materials

denisdaragan wrote: er

DESPOT_V wrote: wow

wroney99 wrote: Thank You.

sehnsucht_70 wrote: REALLY GOOD

ajithks wrote: aahaa nice

ah77188 wrote: SO GOD

tawatchai16 wrote: good

freakyyyy wrote: #Use Bump and diffuse map to add the jpg file if 3ds max missing it*

TS75 wrote: nice for clay renderings, haha

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