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Fantasy water

  Fantasy water by freakyyyy

Category Liquid
Date 2014-08-05 00:22:27
Rendertime 00:27:41
System i5 3570k at 4.2Ghz, ram 24gb, GTX 560 SLI
Vray version 2.40.03
3dsmax version 3dsmax 2013
Comment You can use it like sky water that in final fantasy game... and also as Aquarium or Beach water.

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ibnesaud wrote: thanks a lot


stagiaire wrote: Doesn't work with 3ds2019 ?

compadre wrote: good

headbanger wrote: Really Great

Hakim2 wrote: i like it

noha2007 wrote: thank you alot

ah.at wrote: nice

rsx459 wrote: Nice Job!

WizarV wrote: Nice

yuli12345 wrote: coolll

kimcowell wrote: thanks

kokuw wrote: thanx

mohammed-hl wrote: ok

vantheman9 wrote: awesome.!

KAJJUBID1 wrote: yes


psy971117 wrote: good

Dullahan34 wrote: good

dhg121 wrote: thnaks, very good

cute4soft wrote: Does this material work with 3d max 2016 and vray 3.6

Alfavika wrote: Very good

sandereskat wrote: good

nt0n91013 wrote: good

chelseadan wrote: love!

nakendesign wrote: love it

WuWill wrote: Empty .mat Nothing there.

yuraHappy wrote: thanks

leejiwon wrote: good!!

l3anzaivazabi wrote: Missing Material . Fix Plss

diegofrankman wrote: gracias

arqroman93 wrote: excelente!

RAM911 wrote: COOOL

chikimaz wrote: THANK YOU

padisio wrote: empty library

wal3dz wrote: its empty mat file

rtad wrote: nice

brian3000 wrote: feffe

brian3000 wrote: weg

zeburocks wrote: beautiful material

lazarorss wrote: rated this material with 10 Points

autumnbacly wrote: Very nice !

minhminh938526 wrote: nice!

momomo_ wrote: thanks

freakyyyy wrote: @xinkun sorry for late but I will fix it as soon as I can.... ;)

xinkun wrote: Very good material! It's great if you can fix it soon. It show no material in it. Thanks

Chiwiwi wrote: Agua expectacular

freakyyyy wrote: Sorry guys I'm gonna fix it soon....

iloflo0034 wrote: NOT SHOW IN 3DS MAX 2015

Amitinder wrote: NOT SHOW IN 3DS MAX 2012

ingerickdaniel wrote: cool

jameson63926 wrote: No mat in library

vadammt wrote: I have problems to open the libraray, too. I open the material editor and load Library - that gives me an Empty Library :(

freakyyyy wrote: @pixeld I will make sure.... if it works let me see....

pixeld wrote: Sorry, just to avoid confusion, the zip isn't empty it contains a mat file but that mat is empty when I open in Max. Tx.

pixeld wrote: I'm dying to try this out and everyone is really happy with it but mine is empty when I open it... or am I doing something wrong?

Veremiah wrote: Shit of god! It's fckn amazing!

dianameth wrote: What the fucking pretty shit! I love it, i realy love it!

PhucTran wrote: thanks so much!

fbekals00 wrote: nice! thanks! :D!

slowhand818 wrote: Sorry my mistake....this one only contains an empty material library, no material at all. Just in case you are missing a step...the process I use is to create a new material library just for the material you want to upload. Copy into that library the material and save it. You now have the material to upload. Next I would n to put the .MAT and the textures into a folder. Zip them and upload them.....If you are doing that there must be something going wrong with the download, or my account. I have heard of this happening in the past, and if that is the case I will email support and see what is going on?

freakyyyy wrote: @slowhand818 I did this without tex....

Skips wrote: thanks :)

slowhand818 wrote: No texture map in download. I have downloaded on two different machines both times no texture,

wroney99 wrote: NIce Work :)

f_coro wrote: good!!!!!!!!!!!

hqprojetos wrote: Good.

KOOBR9 wrote: thxxxxxx

brutusaurus wrote: sweet...!!! cheer's!!! :)

newbie3d wrote: tnx a lot man

and.2012 wrote: NIce "bitch" water. I love bitch water! haha!

freakyyyy wrote: @Banshee and some people really kill my day

Banshee wrote: some people really make my day

Banshee wrote: nice bitch water :-)))

TS75 wrote: "@TS75 > Please respect..!" What? I do respect. Gave 10 points. You wrote nice aquarum water or bitch water

poethian wrote: awesome

freakyyyy wrote: @TS75 > Please respect..!

TS75 wrote: I like... bitch water... nice

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